SAVE SKILLS. The subject is important

If we want to pvp or pve, we always need to change the skills. Saving skills shouldn’t be this hard.

. Everyone give feedback please


I thougt its inside of gearset Storage but it isnt but i totally agree

Should come with the next patch

This is something they will add eventually (hopefully season 2/3) as they already talked about it

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Link pls

I believe they talked about it in the forged in aeternum episode where they explained why some things can take more time to implement than others

Until I see something concrete, I’ll try to keep this topic up

Does anyone support this issue?

Fatshark of Darktide implemented a feature like this in a recent update, 2 or 3 months after release. Going by how fast AGS adds QoL, maybe another year till this becomes a thing…if ever.

This feature should be rolled into each loadout. I would spec SNS differently respectively for PVE/PVP

Even if it’s azoth the player shouldn’t be FINED to change their playstyle or try a different build out. It took WoW years to learn this. In retail you can change between any spec while out of combat FOR FREE.

Yes, been saying this for awhile now. Give us saved loadouts for our skill trees. That little bit of convenience will encourage us to do different type of content more readily instead of us having to constantly going back and forth from different skill trees.

It should be both attributes and weapon skill trees saved to a loadout