Say goodbye to any new PvP players

With the current grind to get to max level and then the months of farming to get max gear to be able to pvp, new world is doomed for bringing in new PvP based players. Why does it take so long and so many hundreds of hours of pointless grinding to catch up in gear to be able to pvp at end game? The game will slowly find new pve players but once a pvp player sees what they have to do to catch up they will quit. With the current gearing system new world is pretty much screwed until these devs see their mistakes and fix them. The current population is a absolute embarrassment for a MMO that is not even 1 year old.


Yeah they need to equalise it in some way. I’d prefer new players rather than me moaning about how I “deserve” a leg up.

If I can’t beat a new player after playing for this long, and they beat me, i deserve to lose


Exactly, they need to fix this long gear grind so people can catch up and actually enjoy the game instead of grinding forever. End game is supposed to be PvP and with the current setup there is no reason for anyone to come in to the game late.


They should make faction gear 590GS

That way people would be able to get to lv 60 and insta join any PvP activities, while they do the boring GS grind.


I tried.


Or old players like me that actually LIKE Grinding. I quit cuz I was unable to get BiS perk set after months. Imagine how Worth it I found the Expertise grind when my Reward was the RNG Perk in Crafting -_-

Devs got improvements to do across the board on their systems.


I brought this up in December when they first proposed the 2 big updates concerning expertise, gypsum and what not. Right then they decided to make the direction of NW one that would end PvP because without new PvPers it will slowly but steadily die off, and it wasn’t exactly hopping in December. Arena is pointless for new players.

They made some minor changes to try and help with the grind but the bottom line is that NW will become a low pop PvE MMO, or simply die off, given their current design direction and general lack to improve a lot of simple things.

In December I said pop would drop to 15k before September, I will be more than correct come September, looks now like 10-12k. On the plus side not much money to be made so gold sellers and botters might move onto greener pastures.


Goodbye to you and to other. Btw. Now is easier then ever. I think i can max my level and expertise with solid pvp gear in about a week or two.


OWPVP was never meant for end-game geared PvP players only. PvPers ruined that for themselves by not wanting to flag up while levelling.

As for instanced content, the lack of proper matchmaking is the main issue, especially in 3v3. Where you are in level and gear should be irrelevant IF there is proper matchmaking and proper matchups.
But of course there isn’t.
Players think they are entitled to an arena match simply because they’ve been waiting a long time and will accept bad matchups. But this just makes things worse. That’s why it does NOT work like this in the real world. If a pro heavyweight can’t get a matchup, they don’t just send some high school newb boxer to fight him just to have a match. It’s ridiculous. But every MMORPG does it like this thinking they can do better than decades of real world experience.

PvP in levelled MMOs is always full of complications like this. And this is why NW will always have only a niche game population if it keeps only trying to save PvP.
Just do what other 10+ year old successful MMORPGs do – focus on PvE, fashion, and housing. Let PvP die. It was DOA anyway in games like this.
So many other MMORPGs over the last 20 years have proven it.

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I do not know what you mean by long grind to do pvp?? It is so easy to reach expertise 600 once you hit 60.

And you do not need BIS 3 perk equip. You can ask all good pvpers and most of them will tell you that 2 perk purple equipment is good enough to compete.

Also PVP Reward track and expedition loots gives you very very good pvp equipment.

If you are a really good player or still trying to get good just keep practicing and do not get discourage by 625 GS and 3perk BIS requirements on wars. This is only an excuse by war roster organizers because of slot availability. (Which is i think is the problem)

Though I feel where you coming from. But this is not a long grind compare to other mmos out there.


You and I have a very different idea of what the word ‘easy’ means.


Yeah its pretty fucked

This would be nice but its still a good bit of levels under end game. It would def help though.

Yeah it is really disappointing. I had so much fun at launch. Now if I want to come back and PvP I need to grind for hundreds of hours to get the gear I want. They really ruined the game for returning or new pvp players.


There is no way you are going to come in fresh as a new player and hit max level and get max level gear and the stats you want in 2 weeks. You are out of your mind.


It is not easy for new players that have a life to come in and get end game. Maybe the players who have 8-10 hours a day playing games and even then its more of a pointless grind than a lot of people want to do. Not to mention its very boring running the same couple dungeons over and over and over.


To their credit this was the biggest pvp specific mmo ever launched till they changed it to pvpve.

This is a bad take. It doesn’t matter if it take days, let alone weeks. If it’s unrewarding or boring to level your gear: why strive to achieve it in the first place?

The reward for levelling expertise should not be the ability to play gated content. No new player wants this unrewarding grind.

NW should be striving for that GW2 style horizontal progression. New Perks, transmogs, different and unique abilities. It needs to stop with this Vertical progression crap.


Because you play for yourself and not others. Just to see how good you can get?

‘Getting good’ does not entice New Players. The whole expertise levelling model is defective and insulting to new players. Getting good should not resolve around levelling redundant gear and stat boosts. It constantly reminds you that you still can’t compete, let alone practice, improve and have fun until it’s over.