Say goodbye to any new PvP players

I agree with the spirit
but 100% disagree with the statement

Switched servers, DID NOT USE TRANSFER. took me 5-6 days to hit level cap with 100k coins.
started doing ECR every morning after work at 57. by day 20 or so had maxed out Armoring and Engineering, That day crafted voidbent dex set, and lego musket, 2 days after was lego bow(still working on lego spear). Now at day 30, have 607 GS in best pvp gear with only 550ish expertise. Weapons are 610 rings amulet earring 610 and I am in top 10 most OPR games.

While I dont have a care in the world for 3v3 I know a talented team in 610 gear will beat a bad team in 625. Wars are a joke of what they were in alpha 1 and should be changed to another OPR you can que for. Open world PvP still has very little to do with gear or gear score, its all about numbers and who attacks who first. ANd jumping on a guy running pvp quests with 4 of your buddies is not pvp, because most people think nobody is going to attack them while running pvp quests…

I’ll keep repeating it until they understand. Not many people are going to come back to this game only to spend months grinding before they can enjoy the thing they actually came back for.

The only grinds that should exist for Arena players are the perk grinds (finding the right perk combinations and BiS) and weapon mastery.


well you would need pvp content, a way to progress your character with pvp and feel good about it and meaningful, as it is this is a PVE game with pvp as a side mode that only feels good once you grind hundreds of expiditions or loot hundreds of open world loot boxes that you call “chest runs”(which is the most boring content i have tried) or w.e.

prestige kills alot of the player drive, at lvl 58 i was excited to be almost lvl 60 so i bought me some cheap legendaries(knowing its not perfect but it would give me a nice jump in gear right when i got 60) but then i got to level 60 and my gear was all of a sudden reduced by 50 item levels for no apearant reason(until i learned about prestige)

there is nothing to do in new world for pvp players, unless they play pve for a thousand hours then they can pick on undergeared people.

stop time gating all forms of content.


600GS faction armor and 615 weapons thats actually good and stays 600 GS even if your expertise is lower.


I literally keep saying pvp gear shouldnt be rng i should know what i can get and decide what to buy with points if not normalized
Normalized post

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The Gypsum and Gear Score grind was a terrible idea from the start, and as long as it remains, it will hurt New World’s growth potential.

In the long run, New World will either die, or become a PVE only game because of it.

We keep getting grind on top of grind. My suggestion is to remove the expertise system entirely but keep the umbral system (with some buffs to how many umbrals you get in pvp modes). Then change the loot tables to remove all split stats and restrict weapon perks to match an attribute … i.e. no more life staff perks on strength armor or no more ice gauntlets with Dexterity.

There is enough to grind in this game now without having to grind 500-600expertise before the real grind of getting gear begins. The way it is now, you need to get to 600 then grind the same thing all over again for 590-600 gear. Game makes us do the same thing twice.


I dont understand your comparison. Cant talk about BDO as I have never played that and have no intention to do so, and Lost Ark… I can understand it for some people, but it is not definetly something I would set in stone.

However GW2? New world is pretty much what GW2 was at release. Grinding few endzones of open world, terrible transmog sytem, no real achiements/collections, repeating same short dungeons (but honetsly, in GW2 they were even more easy and more exploitable) and PvP. With only exception of conquest pvp (5v5) being without gear. (but without any progression at the same time, so after few weeks it was pretty much dead and queues were insane even on high pop servers). Only PvP people cared about and tryharded was WvW, which was insanely gear dependent and required a lot of grind to min max build.

Really the first 6-7 months or so werent really different from what we have in new world. (And they game was dying and had empty servers too - ofc we dont have numbers for that so we cant be specific, as the game wasnt on steam and numbers werent public. But the overall feeling was really similar. Then they started with Season 1 of events which sucked, and at very best brough players back for few days and thats it. No real content. It all came later during season 2 and pre-Hot preparation were players actually got some solid overhauls, build diversity and something that started to look like a solid ground base for a new content (which then came with last season 2 updates and first expansion).

I really find a lot of similarities between NW and GW2, and it is probably a reason why I like the game a still have some hopes for that.

Honestly as a returning player who didn’t play for about 5 months from December until late May, I think the game is in a great state right now. I honestly like the Expertise system a lot becuase it gives me clear and consistent progression. I can play what type of content I want and be guaranteed progression with more progression if I work harder and do more content. It encourages players to actually play the content in the game with at least a few guaranteed Expertise bumps every day.

I might just suggest making the system easier to understand for new players. Perhaps a tutorial questline or something? For one thing most players in any MMORPG will have to do some PvE because that’s the genre, so don’t let a minority of “PvP Only” whiners distract you - most MMO players enjoy a bit of both.

That being said, even a hardcore PvP only player can make several quick, easy Expertise bumps a day - 2 OPR is one, do a few PvP faction quests to buy the second from a faction vendor, gather 3 quick plants for a third, make the potion and grind a few mobs for 20 mins for a fourth. Easy peasy.

Any gear drops they get beyond that in any content they do is likely more bumps. And like every other player in this game, more bumps requires we do other content and be a more well-rounded player. Not to mention, most level 60 quests also give you gypsym, which is a huge initial Expertise boost for new players as well.

So the choices are there, I’d just say either players are unaware of how easy the Expertise system is and need to be educated in game about that. Or they simply want to play a different, PvP only game, but New World is not Crowfall and players need to accept that. Majority of players already do, so again some players here are simply a loud minority. Most PvPers I see in game (I play on Valhalla) - casual and hardcore alike - enjoy the systems and have no problem doing a variety of content to gear up.

Not everyone wants to grind to 590…

basically because everything you got is useless until 590… if you ok to spend hours without a proper reward ok… most people dont like it… and once you hit 600 you have to do the same again to 625 but at least you can farm actual gear… so from 500 to 590 all you do is for nothing… that is not fun (at least for me)


But you’re not spending hours without a reward. You get Expertise bumps every day and gear drops from everything you do. If you want to shortcut the system, there’s tons of affordable gear on the trading post. And PvP reward track offers consistent, good PvP gear to buy and dungeons also offer consistent, known drops as well. Gear is literally thrown at you from all angles.

The system as is right now offers consistent, guaranteed progression every single day. That’s what MMO’s are about is progression. And you want to skip it lol? Just skip most of the point of a game?

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For me expertise bumps are not a proper reward… i would love to get gear that i can use from 500-590…but thats not the case you can buy better gear in the market that makes 500-590 gear useless.

First of all, the expertise system does not exist in any other major MMO, so you cannot invoke the genre to defend the terrible system.

Second, even the bumps themselves are RNG. I have been leveling my spear expertise via daily gypsum and have gotten +2 for 4 days in a row. That means +8 in 4 days of “progression.” This could have been +20. That is really shitty design. This means that if me and my friend set out to do our daily gypsums (let’s say we can do 5 per day) and I have really bad luck (we’ll say average +3 per bump) and he has really good luck (average +4 per bump). Then he will finish with all his armor, jewelry and just 2 main weapons more than 2 weeks before me.

Further, until you get to 600 (or 590) expertise, all gear rewarded is bad because 1) it’s based on expertise and 2) you can buy better at the TP. This make MONTHS of rewards useless and unrewarding. One might argue that getting better gear is the bread and butter of most MMOs. AGS has systematically made getting gear not enjoyable or rewarding for a loooooong time after hitting 60. In fact, what AGS created was a system where players DON’T want to run content that might reward them with good gear until they are “Ready” … so I am not going to bother doing PvP tracks. I don’t want to waste time in Laz before I know that Laz bow will be upgradeable to 60. Again, shitty design.

If they want people to come back to the game, they need to rethink their progression system. And they need to do it fast.


This is probably the best comment here, this is the suggestion to begin with @Shadow_Fox

Doing this actively hurts your progression, though. Misunderstanding the system doesn’t make it bad, it means players don’t know how it works. If you buy gear from the PvP tracks or earn drops from Laz, that’s an extra free expertise bump on top of your gypsum every day, meaning you speed through Expertise even faster. It means you have more reason to do content, and more of it. Those items will always drop again.

I’ve already gotten Will of the Ancients twice in only a handful of Laz runs and now it’s 592 instead of 567 in about a week of play.

Same with the PvP reward track items - you’ll get items over and over again if you just keep progressing and even at lower gear levels, they’re still better than whatever else you had since they have good bonuses and good base stats, and upgrades only increase those numbers a bit.

We told them repeatedly that the expertise grind was detrimental to new 60s playing pvp content, and patches later all we’ve gotten is a couple small changes to the gypsum system.
They refuse to back away from their “vision” for timegating the crap out of people and making their gear artificially suck for a while.

In the meantime multiple sources of expertise bumps in the wild (from drops and chests) were nerfed, but a couple more things were added that give you gypsum orbs. They’re obviously shoving us down that path, so if you aren’t up to 600 Expertise yet, you might as well just do as you’re being told by the devs or suffer crap pvp for months.

If you’re a new 60 right now you should be doing nothing but blasting every gypsum opportunity you can, and running genesis over and over. Orbs are very easy to get now, so just go do some faction missions every day and buy them from the vendor.

After a couple WEEKS of that, you’ll be in an ok position with expertise so your 600 gear actually becomes better than 550 GS.

That’s the optimal path we’ve been given and it’s boring. Enjoy the grind or don’t. Those are the choices.

What is the purpose of expertise? If you think it’s good, then you must have a reason for that belief. Putting up with design is different than actively defending it.

I’ve played MMOs since 1999 and games haver never had nor needed expertise. So what problem is it solving?

Its only purpose is to replace the leveling progress after 60. nothing more.

it serves no other purpose than to slow everyone down.

quite frankly it could and should just be removed.

if its not going to be removed then at minimum. it needs to be speed up x2. more gypsums avalible and far more umbral sources are needed.

add 2 more gypsums to pvp areans. make those and the opr ones cost 1 per gypsum to craft into gypsum orbs.

add 1 orb reward to the kill 5 elimination quest per day

it would now be equal to the pve gypsum availability per day at roughly the same time spent per gypsums.

as for everything else.

if you want people to play the god damn game then seriously do away with the excessive RNG purple 2 perkers are 100% more than good enough for everyone.

let timeless shards pick 2 perks and an attribute instead of just one with the same small chance at a 3rd perk.

it gives something to work towards.

the grind to the perfect 3rd perk build should be whats left of the grind and you cant forget that there are multiple builds for each weapon combo thats a grind that sustains it self as people try out new crap.

people wont try out new crap right now only because of the lack of gear the lack of rolls and the insane RNG.

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It makes progression faster, easier, and more consistent than in other games. Other games you have tiers of gear and content to progress through, but earning each piece often takes more time and a longer grind. You go for longer periods without an upgrade and have to grind for nothing, but then get a huge bump. In New World it’s entirely under my control to target slots where I need progression the most and I’m guaranteed to progress every day, whereas in other games I’m not. That consistency is fun but it also means every activity is worthwhile and I never feel like I did something for nothing.

Plus, New World is throwing tons of gear at me from all angles so I’m getting far, far more gear than I would in any other game, so it’s far easier to earn items. So instead I have Expertise to grind which for me feels easier and more in my control since I can target slots I need (on top of free bumps from drops) and it’s more consistent. A game like ESO, GW2, WoW, or FFXIV an individual item takes longer to grind than in New World, and that’s not fun because then having a decent starter or mid tier set takes longer. That’s not the case in New World. Here it feels easier and faster to do and every action I take in game I’m making progress towards one of my gearing goals. And here I don’t have to be BIS to compete - all the in between gear I’ve had has been good enough for what I’m doing.