Say goodbye to any new PvP players

I’m use to playing low pop games like Planetside, ark, or hell let loose for years and years. Player count fir games eventually hit a baseline where the trendline basically flattens out. That is where we are with nw. That’s why I don’t panic or take the playercount as a negative considering how the trend is basically flat.

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That is still a relatively flat trendline over time. Especially compared to what the slope was in the first 3 months and especially looking at the trend from the second half of that charts The trend will continue to ebb and flow with new updates, but is trending to stabilize around 20k concurrent players. If you look at the moving 60 day trendline since launch , you will see I am correct. You look at any decrease as doom. I look at the diminishing decrease as it stabilizing.

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As well as GS. Took me 2 weeks to grind to lvl 60 on a new account. I managed to do a fair bit of PVP running influence and helping with wars after that. Defended and captured forts for the past week, 3v3 and some open world PVP. Out of these I only got singe GS bumps for wars. According to AGS I need to run months of PVE to be even a bit competitive in PVP gear. I’m on track 19 and I can buy 502 gear with salt…


A couple thousand from the peak and a few hundred less on average but being able to have a stable 20k community after ppl swore up and down the gane was dead is a benchmark.

They can use their current fan base to have a snowball effect again with balanced content and less bugs.

We seen it happen. You just dont want it to happen

I fully believe we tappered this around 25k players cause the people who enjoy the game are passionate about their gains. About the effort they put in and friends they making along the way.

Just need more like minded gamers to stop listening to streamers and push their limits cause they want to. Not to prove the game is good.

Valid concern and feelings.

That is why there NEEDS to be direct peer to peer interaction with devs.

They cant be constantly pulling the ," im scared to face my fears" victim card.

They need to man the fuck up and talk to their audience dirextly.

Not behind moderators or help desk supports

The disconnect is them literally making up reasons the game is doing bad after 900k players told them exactly why the game turned to shit.

And they didnt do any thing about it till we got to this 20k point. Now they releasing roadmaps.
Not showing trash outfits in yhe cash shop as much. Not being cash grab hungry but actually putting effort in the game again.

It is okay to hold resentment for their lack of accountability and scapegoating. But you have to let it go. If you want to enjoy the game again.

What do you gain out of resenting the very thing you cherish? Does it make you stronger? Does it keep you inspired?

It sounds like that rage is wearing you out. When you could be relaxing and enjoying the progression slowly and with peace.

How do you have fun in an mmo without grinding? Im curious and no one has explained yet.

And also do these current pvp direction turn you away or draw you in?


Ouch, this is very valid feedback for the devs to review. Opr should give you some bumps now as well but sadly the fastest route for expertise is world tours and spamming expeditions (pve content).

Their current systems don’tsupport vertical progression through pvp content well for newer or existing players it seems.

Yes its insane, It sucks that a game like this is dying when it could be so good and packed with players. The leadership needs to step back and look at whats going on and all the people saying that they do not like the current grind system to be able to pvp and do something about it. Games are a business and these guys clearly do not know what people want. Its almost like they dont even look at the forums.


They could make 2 changes within a week that would help a lot. 1) remove expertise. Let fresh 60 players get 590 to 600 gs drops when they run expeditions. 2) remove split stat attributes from the loot pool and restrict perks to the attribute so no more life staff perks on stregth armor or hammers with intelligence.


They need to add a gamemode or two with premade loadouts/builds for each weapon/class/playstyle/whatever. Needs to be accessible from the moment you finish the intro tutorial, doesn’t matter what level you are because everything is equalized. This would give playes a way to enjoy PVP while they level up. But before that they need to iron out combat bugs and desync. Shit is still a clunky ass mess with too many performance issues.


Were any of those games owned by the world’s largest and most successful business? (I honestly don’t know)

But generally speaking, there is WAY more pressure on AGS to make money. Profitable isn’t good enough when they can invest money elsewhere and make even more profit. Unless Bezos enjoys playing New World himself, if numbers don’t get better this game will absolutely get shut down.

you clearly didnt read anything i said or read the graph wrong.

The peak in april says 35.
Last month was 28k.
This month is 25k.
I am not saying we are always at 30k members online. Im saying the game has potential to retain players around 30k as you seen they can come back if the patch is worth their time.

Alot of people quit again due. To the same problems.
But my statement is still true. Regardless if my assumption of this month to be wrong we are pretty close to stabilizing just by these numbers alone.

March was 25k. April 35k. May 27k. Etc. Stabilizing. Not fully realized statistic but you gotta be realistic if the numbers dont fall off from the 20k mark unless you talkin bout any given day.

The avg can be 16k but if peak hours 23k ppl on , then that is called a constant.

You only arguing with yourself about the truth to tear others down. The graph iz literalky right there showing a 30k peak in april and you just brush it off. Even after it shows we retained more players now?

Clearly not true and only your perspective.

Ive never met ppl so quick to villify someone mid convo but i guess that what it comes to for ppl like you that quit on everything lol

I dont need to cap seasonal gear because my main was already 650 gs before seasonals.

It is good toon gear.

Ive never felt like grinding is a challenge.
You want money? Invest the time to earn money.

You can play korean mmos like blacl desert but have a harder time playing new world? How? New world grind is100x easier.

How? Because your gear doesnt literally explode after a failed enchant. Same for maplestory grinding hell simulator.

The only reason i even grinded that much was cause of the promise of maplestory pvp.

Which lasted half a year before cancellation.

Point being.
All games have disapointed me or made me extremely bored.

But new world is chill. Compared to what i went through to get here.

What has changed?

What about grinding explicitly makes you feel like it should not be apart of the core frame work of mmos? Becauseof tedium? Because you did it before? Because of cookie simulator? Athritis from too much clicking? What exactly changes new world grind to a worse hell then maplestory? Cause if you played maplestory before the big bang and endless meso caries youd be stuck at lvl 67 for a year if you not geared properly.

Now everyone can pay for lvl 120 carries and boosts. How? By playing the game and spending money.

Older games are hyper p2w now cause their main audience left. The only players who can afford to keep playing are whales or streamers.

Check the meso market and youll see why.

Is new world pay to win? Hell no. So how do you compare apples to oranges when the orange is actually organic and not a plastic display item.

Yes i called older game grinds artificial. Why? Cause you can boost around the time sink.

Is that fun? No. But everyone wants a taste of power. Everyone. As you seen huge ganes destroyed by boosts because no one wants to learn organically.

That is also why the audience falls back heavy from new world after devs permit the umbral shard boosts. Cause it is illgotten

I wasted 2k hours in opr already. And opr never drops legos.

Even if you open 200 boxes back to back. You will get nothing.

My list of pvp games is bigger then you can probably fathom.
Ill keep using examples though.

Tekken, soul calibur, fight night, clayfighters, KOF, street fighter, rayman , mortal kombat,injustice, bouncer-etc

Skull girls, rival heroes, every mmo in the early 2000s to 2010. Specifically botS, rf , mabinongu, vindictus, wow, dota, league , rumble fighter,gunz, s4 league, flyff, or literally any game that had the word open pvp was all i played.

For thousands of hours.

Ever single one of those games had a grind or a time sink that made the player grind for gear or better equipment to beat the other players.
You literaly can not prove a pvp game comes without a grind. They all do.

Dont just make up things just to feel comfortable . you have to stay aware the people you around play just as much videp games as you do.

It doesnt mean im bragging or want to cater to a pve audience. Im just saying i know there is a means that justify the ends. You also know this but you turned your back on the real pvp community to destroy it with vindication .Which is serving you how? How is turning off grinding or lifeskilling better for mmos?

It only puts it in the same genre as those hero shooters like overwatch that sat on their ass balancing characters woth nothing else to show for it.

So basically you want ags to be the next blizzard? Just give what only a small crowd wants and say fuck the rest?

That is another fallacy.

In all the time i ever spent gaming anywhere. At home. At arcades. Whereever.
It doesnt matter how much money you got compared to a genius or someone who constantly polished their skills.

If they learned how to single target better then you from shooting pve mobs and you missing shots as a dedicated pvper, then YOU are the pver.

You equate hard work with cheap get arounds.

But in reality hard work pays off. If you dying from lack of commitment or lack of focus that is the real problem.

Like they used to say? Dont hate the player. Hate the game.

All we doing is utilizing every asset at our finger tips to not get beat by the next also skilled player with good gear.

Again, this goes back to how do you look at power? Do you crave it? Do you find yourself unworthy?

Cause the time you put in youe character ultimately is time put in yourself.
You might think im being a boomer but how is anything im saying a lie?
It isnt like you get beaten by underskilled players or smth. It is usually someone knowledhe checking you in new world.

Do you know the stuns? Can you kill them before their potions reset? Do you have good positioning? Etc

If you say bdo phased out of grinding that is the biggest lie you ever told lmdao. Just left trees with some homies.

Thank you for having a kind soul. I noticed

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That’s what people say, but I’m not convinced. If anything, Amazon has more money to float the game during further development compared to those small studios. I’d imagine the amount Amazon spends on this game is a drop in their bucket.

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Come to maramaaa
Hearing you guys play on dead servers make me sad.

Come watch me talk shit in opr for hours or join in :rofl:

I felt like everyone knew ark was gonna be DOA. It was just a matter of time.
Cause i liked the game too. But the forums were dam near worse then this. Probably why my temperment so understanding.

When we as a community realize this, then people will stop crying dead game dead game dead game.

Cause reality is just reality. They want people to stoop to their level and quit so bad but in reality they mad you hitting your goals. While they making excuses to never achieve their own in some cases.

But in these unfortunate topics i think too many people feel burned and vetrayed by the lies of ags? What do you think


Right. It just depends on who is calling the shots. Either there’s enough passion that they don’t care.

OR (more likely) they cut it loose because it’s just not making enough money.

As an advertiser for one of the world’s largest companies, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that these mega companies, while good at wasting money, are pretty hardcore about profits. And more than profits, growth.

If there is no growth. Or I should say significant growth, people get fired, agencies get put in review, and products get cut loose.

Why invest 10 million to make 5, when you can instead invest that same 10 million to make 50… ???

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I guess you may be the exception, but most “hardcore” PVP’ers in New World don’t want a contest of skill. They want to steamroll on their opponents, own EF/WW, flame people and switch to the next server. If they can do that by:

  • having better gear
  • baiting competition in their company through gold packages (I’ve been offered 60k to join a company when I was actively PVP’ing, and I was at best a middle class PVP’er…)
  • exploiting stuff here and there (shell companies, dupes when there were some …)

People who want PVP and a contest of skill just don’t play MMOs, which are slot machines with a story and pretty graphics. End of story.

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Mainly because Amazon is still trying to get a foothold in the gaming industry. That is why I think they would continue to invest.

I would imagine they would make it free to play before they completely shut it down to see if that picks up players and possibly add subscriptions or battle passes. I think there is still a long way to go with this game. Minimum 2 years I would guess.

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so that u can play 2 weeks, complain about hacker/scripter or better player and move to the next game?

I agree that they either have a chip on their shoulder (“we’re going to make this work, by God”) … Or the entire studio shutters.

I hope it’s the former. But they need to start doing SOMETHING to attract and retain new players.

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AGS should make the Faction gears - armors, weapons, accessories etc meaningful that it will be worth to wear the Faction gear to do PVP as another way to have an end game gear…


IMO- The game has plenty of content. It’s just not interesting.

The combat is too shallow for good PvP. Period. No one looking for good PvP will stick around when they see how gear and meta trumps skill.

The PvE is too easy so they just make it RNG heavy to compensate, so people just have to grind it ad nauseum to progress. Apparently challenging players is a big no go on their design team.


Yeah its the same thing people said at 60k then 40k then 30k now 20k. The bleed may have slowed but its still there.

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