Say goodbye to any new PvP players

Agree if it stays there. Im not convinced it is.
Wrong on the just dont want it to happen part. Guess you haven’t read what I have actually said. Just because I see things for what I believe they are doesn’t mean I want it that way.

Yes speculative… Just like you are being speculative.

Agree except the rage thing. I have no rage.

I have spoke a lot about “grind.” Im not going to do so again here but in short… there is a difference between grind that is fun and rewarding and NW grind that mostly is not fun or rewarding.

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Porchse lurks the forums and trolls everyone who speaks negative about the game. He thinks game is perfect as-is lol.

Actually, yes.
The big exodus was early on in the first couple of months when (a) there were literally gross cheats and exploits every week, if not more than one; and (b) it was abundantly clear that AGS wasn’t going to ban anyone. If there were any sanctions they were basically a slap on the wrist and using Family Share, cheaters were back playing the game on a different character right away.

Literally whole companies of players who were interested in competitive, exciting, PvP just up and quit. Just read the various testimonies. Here are just a few but most players just quietly quit and don’t bother appealing to AGS to enforce Fair Play and the Terms of Service because it’s been proven AGS will not do that.

Whatever legitimate PvPers the game ever had were basically gone a long time ago.

congratulation! it‘s very exciting running the same expeditions 24/7 for 1-2 weeks to get to 600GS, it is definetly too grindy and needs to be changed. Being able to buy 590 Faction Gear would be a possible solution (for the beginning), but this grindy stuff needs to be removed… As everyone mentioned before, it will kill the new playerbase, when they notice what they have to do to catch up with all the 625 GS people.



It is different in intent .

You can say the game is broken and grind is boring but it wont stay boring.
The pain you express is real but i dont get the impression you believe in the game changing based on your wording.

The contrast between belief and giving up in this chat is hard to differentiate.

Never said you hate the progress but the energy you are showing is doubt. Which means your heart not fully in it.

You said you want our growth but actively say disparaging things about the graph stabilizing.

Multiple people even agree this is pretty much a flat graph with spikes. Doesnt really drop or decrease since december like i predicted.

You can check the graph weekly and validate your own doubt or be realistic and accept what im and multiple people have shown you.

In this case? We literally said, the graph stays in the 20k-30k range and you disagreed.

YOU disagree bases on speculation and not even proving anything i said wrong. You just want the game to fail. Fuck all the reality and people saying dude , it is cool, the community is fine.

Youre still in panic mode.

Did YOU read what youre saying in response to what i said? Cause now it kinda feels like you backtracking on me or miswording what im saying.

Your intent has to be for the games growth. Not just speculating its demise cause you want to.

I havent heard any reward concepts.

I mean i heard the re implementation of the same grind or cut backs. But nothing that is a road map for fun unless you wanna link me?

What screams fun for you ? You cant give me cliff notes? One major key summary?

I like the grind in new world.
I have expressed in multiple ways how it is entertaining.

You cant just end a segment in conversation with ," no it isnt." And " i already talked about this vefore" without giving a clear idea what would be fun.

What is agreeable for all parties? Did you even pitch an idea for me to agree to ? What am i supposed to work with here?

I do not even mind the PvE tbh but I want to have good gear to do PvP as well without having to grind countless hours. I am a PvP player and I will mix in PvE but I have to get more PvP than PvE and with the current grind im not logging back in to only PvE


I have seen a lot of people ask for this and I know the devs have seen this many times. That just shows us the devs do not care what the players want. The want people to grind for countless hours so it makes the game look good by having players on daily and playing a lot. They are too dumb to realize that this mindset has made most of the players quit.

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Nerf resilient and everything will get better for new pvp players. No need to waste thousands of mats on shitty gear just to get the good perk with resilient or the good perk with resilient and another okay perk.

But giving better rewards in the rewards track is another way to do it. But for that you need to REMOVE or time gate the daily xp you can get from pvp quests. That is a time gate we need.

Well seeing how I have 8000 hours on guild wars 2 and 95% of that time is in open world PvP (world vs world) I can say that your argument is ignorant and invalid. I play games for PvP and if its good I will put in dumb amounts of time into the game.

If they did this and add aiming sensitivity I will literally only play this game for a while. Good luck getting new world devs to do what the players want though.

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They need to have all players “normalized” in Arenas at a minimum.

Anyone arguing that they should have an advantage cause of the hours put in already have one and its not just G.S. its experience!

Well said by JelliedSoup. Also for the game to have ALOT of PvP players back that means casuals and anyone moaning about pure equalized PvP are just hardcore players still left. Don’t just listen to us hardcore players, listen to the casuals more.


Yeah back at 60k people were claiming the game would be done in June. They were wrong. In fact the trend is such that the peak players is relatively steady now. The negative slope was much greater than it is today. Further proof that the trendline is flattening and stabilizing.

So when do you predict the game to be at zero players? Or when they shut down servers or go into maintenance mode?

If this were true then I wouldnt be playing the game like 8 hours a day almost everyday. I simply want the game to improve in certain ways that I think the developers are overly stubborn and too slow to act. I also enjoy talking with people on the forums about a hobby I love.

Its lost like 120k peak players since December. How can that not be a drop? Thats simply not logical. Its slowed down a lot but there is still a bleed.

To put it simple, I dont mind the grind so much its just that the RNG at the end isnt rewarding. Example I worked hard on crafting. I didnt buy anything except some regeants to level it all myself. That was all done post patch of the nerf to crafting. I worked hard for months getting trophys and the outfit. I worked hard for months to save enough items to roll 20 pieces of armor. Every single one of them were unusable by anyone because I rolled dex and got all str or int perks. That is not rewarding. That is a disgusting insult to my time and effort. In other games you grind, you know what you are grinding for and you reach the carrot at the end. Not here. The carrot is just RNG piece of crap.


I wasnt one of them and Im not predicting death at all. They will at least get through this year and possibly next if the expansion goes well. If the expansion doesnt go well and they keep losing players then eventually it will snowball because staff will be let go, less content will be made, maintenance mode. You know the drill. Im sure you have seen this in the past. Im not predicting anything. It could go either way.

Stick a fork in NW boys, she’s done.

Play this game for what it is, a hardcore PvE grinder with no future.


Yes, the game is failing because PVP is too high quality. Too complex. That’s what scares people off.

Nailed it.

Wait wait lemme guess is your next post gonna include something about how disliking a grind makes me a carebear or something? Khehk.


There is no grind. My point

And so many people agree!

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Only the lazy spoon feeded people dont