Say goodbye to any new PvP players

Yeah, good thing the game hasn’t had a constant problem of hemorrhaging players.

Uh, also, spoon fed before anyone climbs your back for it. Assuming English isn’t the primary language.

So on one hand it’s good to have these grinds because you don’t want to spoon feed gen z babies… And on the other hand, there is no grind and it takes a week.

Pick an argument, bro. It can’t be both super easy and also worthwhile to separate the wheat from the chafe.

Your own posts are better arguments for removing expertise, not keeping it. You’re just not bright enough to realize it.


If you talked like this instead of saying things like unlikely, or wont happen etc. Id see your viewpoint from a loving perspective but like i said before, you speak alot of doubt on something you love.

Does a painter need reasons to paint? A fisher need reason to fish?

I doubt you need reason to have fun. So it is okay to bring up what you find fun and enticing abou the game while so sharing criticism.

When you start saying bleak things you attraxt bleak things. Law of attraction.

But dont take my word for it if you dont want to. But if you do you will see what i mean as car as duality.

Most of the posts ive read are one sided.
It is okay to show passion in a way you dislike or like smth. Cause you have to remember new players are watching you. Watchinv these forums and will be compelled or pushes away depending on how you as an elitist feel.

If you make even one negatice comment thatll probably keep 100 people from even looking at nw again. Your words are powerful. Yes the word is hard on devs and the output is slow.

Nothing we can really do bout that.

What am i supposed to do? What would you do?

All we can really do like you said is hope for the better. Cause otherwise all the effort i put into this is pointless. All tbe effort WE put into this is pointless if we allow the game to close and let the troll topics win.

Cant tell if you memeing me in the stabilization on the graph. But uh.
Ye. Sure. Slow bleed small groups of the player base are leaving but come back readily after more content is anounced.

You either missing the point or letting it go over your head.

I disagree.

Im sorry that happen to you.

But do you go to a casino with a car note and make 3billion dollars of black jack the same night?

Do you get a thank you everytime you hold a door for someone?

Do you always pee in a straight line?

Semantics right? Point being life is rng. Yes it does suck immensely but how is it fair fo expect to win at everything? Or were you not mentally prepared for the shock?

I swear there was like 200 posts on how hard it was to craft BIS legos.
I am 100% sure you were around for the % craft calculator they released with the map overlay when everyone needed a real map and compass.

But moving back to the point.

You chose a high risk high reward profession. Which is crafting.

Am i sorry to hear you wasted a month of gold and resources? Yes.

But do i feel bad about this for you? Knowing you willlingly and actively did this to yourzelf ? No pity.

The reward would’ve made you one of the strongest ppl in your server.

Which is respected when it happens but cant just happen cause you say so mate.

Also imma ens this on a positive.

It is okay to lose.
It is okay to risk it all.

Gotta lose money to make money but it doesn’t serve you to expect rng to work in your favor.

It works for no one. And as more perks release, the old ones get better. How are you mad about that?

Sorry. I disagree with you. I respect you as a community member here so I am just going to leave it at that. I’ve said all I am going to say on the topic. Time will tell how things turn out.

For the record, I have also praised things that the devs have done that I thought were good things so dont lump me with just the negative game is going to die people.


Yes. You assume good. English is my 3rd language.and coming from broken country in Developed western English spoken country. My hard working mindset make me to do very well and much bettee than some english born people. They blamed the Goverment for their paycheck to paycheck miserable life. Anyway thats different topic

There’s always someone to point a finger at if that’s their thing, yanno? Never wanting for those.

Still, the grind doesn’t have to go anywhere but they’ve more than proven they have the tools to make the world far more interesting in ways that don’t come anywhere near breaking up the grind. Between events and the new weapons so far they’re cruising for a fantastic experience, they’re just in the process of ‘getting there.’

And the crafting grind can suck a nut, that does suck. There should be much more meaning to all the tiers and the leveling process should feel far, far less like ‘grind cheap mats for cheapest recipe.’ That should be the tail end of grinding through tiers of crafting.

Everyone id different. I am having a blast at the game. Maybe cuz i am gamer achiving highest rank on everygame i played. I am doing well on everygame i play. I dont feel the grind in the game. None of my crafting profesion is lvl 200. I am barely do refining as well. Depends of my time available. I am asking company members to craft for me. People dont need to be max on everything and have bis gear to have fun in the game. My advice to new players is to take it even more slowly and learn the game and the mechanics. You dont want to go st8 on pvp if you die from wolves and bears in the game. Lvl to 60 was the best way to learn the combat mechanics and weapons.

Spoon feeding is. Everything served for you. But you want someone else even to lift the spoon for you and chuck it in your mouth. Basically thats what i mean with my post. Cuz there is no grind in the game. And that grind what is left. Is lifting the spoon by yourself. But you dont want to do even that. Thats my point bro. Now with pvp track its even retarded easy. But you still will need a brain to come and duel me or fight me. You cant come and fight me if you die to wolves and bears.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that might make things more welcoming to PvP players?

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How about a live AMA rather than curated softball talking points when addressing the community?

Answer questions that are important to the community rather than low hanging fruit.

AGS works real hard to keep a barrier between the devs and the community and it shows. Even here on the forums where it should be easy for them to communicate with the community.


Scaling, but your team thought hardcore gamers should be “rewarded” and removed it. The worst mistake you’ve ever made.


It would be nice if we could either have:
Premade OPR
Simulated wars
I know this is a little off topic and difficult to preform considering how hard it would be to fill an opr queue if premades were an option, but in a lot of cases when it comes to practicing strategy, it gets a little hard to teach new pvpers how to handle themselves effectively in pvp based situations that the game offers.

Another thing of interest would be a faster solution to the expertise grind. Something I had in mind was a pve arena that got harder with every 5 levels. It could have a leaderboard for people to compete over on who gets the higher score in mob waves. Additionally, the longer you survive the waves of the arena, the more drops/better loot you get. I figure it could work for expertise too while being a type of challenge. Maybe something with a similar system to the arena queues so you can enter with or without a team.

-That affected low lev players the most, for a short period of time.
-Perks didn’t work back then so game was more ‘equalized’ than it would be now with scaling.
-There’s hardly anyone leveling anymore for that to be relevant.
-The same result would be achieved if expertise and gear score is removed or eased.

As I remembered the damage/heal was calculated as a percentage of the player’s health, that is, the player would hardly suffer a very different damage or heal, even if he had active perks. I don’t remember if constitution affect percentage of damage/heal taken, but it would make sense for it not to be a more useless attribute.

The grind so you can grind so you can grind before you can compete is unwelcoming to all new players but particularly to PvP.

  1. You need to return scaling, so that a new PvP player can progress in levels and gear score as soon as they join a faction. Lowbies flagged for PvP in First LIght that aren’t gank fodder? Yes, please.

  2. Whatever level and gear grind that exists, it needs to be linear and not time-gated. Remove the entire colored gypsum drop system and just reward the orbs directly like you do now for sapphire. If someone wants to OPR all day, don’t penalize them for doing it. (Same for someone who want to mine or hunt or run dungeons or whatever.)

Instituting clear and linear catch-up mechanics PLUS allowing the players to engage in the PvP content they prefer at any level will be much more welcoming.


A game without new players is a dying game. No matter how amazing a game is, there will always be player attrition. If those players aren’t replaced with new ones, the old ones eventually can’t enjoy the content either.

“Hardly anyone leveling” is a problem that needs to be solved.


Ah, that one. yeah, that was absolute Garbage of epic proportions. Kinda fun, especially since perks didn’t work, but utterly ridiculous.

Like, my buddies were fighting literally Naked since lev 1 to win fights, and there was a Meta where Con with Pots gave you the advantage since it was % damage of health. Really terrible idea.

No game ever does that. Like, it literally decentivized players from leveling up and exploring the game. WW was a hotspot for tons of players that pvp around lev 30-40 then quit when they got bored of the combat.

Scaling was actually changed a few times since Beta. The current one was the most accepted.

NW current form isn’t interesting, hardly fun and overly grindy, enough to demoralize an old grinder like me that literally come from korean grindy mmos!

They need to improve the current systems to be more fun and interesting and engaging and rewarding. Then add more content. Especially more horizontal content.


The hardcap and softcap system works well in Albion and is like a scaling system that limits the difference between player ilvls by making the stats between them equalize to a performance variant of 10% or less.
Competitive players would always be motivated to keep that 10% edge, but that wouldn’t be a bad thing for new players.

Isn’t NW current scaling around 10% too? I can’t remember the patch notes…