Saying hello and checking in!

Hey guys! How’s it going? Had some time at the end of a busy day of onboarding to come say hello!

What are ya’ll working on in game?? I think I might actually work on my fishing finally :sweat_smile:


hmmmm. This will not end well.


i just watched 3 bots run to the same empty death mode plant, stop for 1 second, then run a direct 90 degree angle off into the distance, so i logged off.

thanks for asking


Elite chest runs and running my secret starmetal run >.>

Mostly getting materials stockpiled for crafting the gear I’ll need to do mutations.

While this thread probably won’t end well, we appreciate the effort.


Appreciate the outreach! Just working gold making, leveling furnishing, and hitting 590 expertise in my weapons so I can run Laz/Gen without fomo.


Just having some good ol’ chit chat. Would like to get to know you all better!


Actually, I logged in this morning, saw nearly no one online from my company, tried to sell some stuff, did my winter tree cooldowns and other gypsum, and decided to logoff. I actually think I might be done as of this morning.

I’m the sort of player who needs a goal to keep going, something to work towards. I’m maxed out on all my gypsum, have run countless Genesis/Lazarus, participated in wars/invasions multiple times a week, but just can’t do it anymore. More of my friends have stopped playing daily, or just login to do cooldowns and logoff again.

I couldn’t be bothered to max out my engineering or furnishing, and don’t feel any incentive to do anything with the money I have. I’m just likely going to play some other games until Lost Ark comes out.


Ahhh that definitely can be frustrating, I’m sorry to hear that!

That’s very nice to see! We appreciate you.


Yeah! The team is working hard and making plans so we can spend more time reading and reaching back out to you guys! Many may think that stuff is ignored but it’s not.


Thank you! And I appreciate you too! We’re all humans with feelings on both sides of the screen. I think it’s a good time to start reminding each other of that and work together on a game we all love!


I completely understand too! I need goals to keep me focused and motivated, I think many of us feel the same and why we enjoyed the start of the game so much. So many goals!! I apperciate your honesty and I relate to your decision to take a break. I know the team is hard at working coming up with more things for us to work on as players!


Question. Is there any plans or conversations about things like:

Making storage logistics easier
Re rolling perks on legendary gear
Improved inventory management systems?


Yup, I definitely understand I’m wading into a boiling pool… but we all have to start somewhere, right? And if people need to air their thoughts, then so be it. All that I ask is they also remember I’m still a human too and don’t need to be yelled at. I love this game too and play it constantly with my husband and friends. I understand. I even lost my cool the other day too on some posts… so, it’s a new day and we all try again!


I dont make many if any posts on here. I quit playing the game regularly about few weeks ago. I check in on the forums to see if anything interesting is happening and maybe hopefully come back. I am beyond that point now really, I dont want to, but I hope that the game gets better in the near future. So today I am going back to Linux knowing that I wont be playing the game anymore.

Then i see this post and it gives me hope. So regardless of the “it wont end well” or negativity that even I bring, I honestly hope you are right Shadow_Fox and that things will get better. I will be rooting for you (and for that proton support but that is another matter).


Good luck on fishing but dont go past 200 , not worth .

i been playing opr like always , waiting for a patch with something beyond just fixes and disables .
or for the orbs to be removed , i would love to jump into other content then just opr .

But i cant stand gated systems like the dungeons are right now . and am starting to think
devs dont agree with that .

i also been farming gypsum but that turned out to be just a daily chore .

My favourite fishingspot have a bot that stand inside a big rock so it can steal the fishing pool 24/7 ;(

I love farming but all my favourite farming spot have bots ruining the fun. On top of that I get frustrated about bugs everytime I play. Last time I played New World my mining pick dissapeared when a mob hit me when one of those bots came running and then my client crashed. I haven’t logged in since then. I said to myself that it’s not worth it. I play games to be happy, not to be angry and frustrated over bots and bugs.

Considering logging in for a few OPR. Seems to be the only thing lately but that is drastically getting less and less motivation each day with the inability to land melee hits. I don’t know, I’m not a time gate player so I refuse to do any of that stuff. Want to just play a game for fun and not play because I have to. OPR being a mode that makes it possible but in its current state, it is not.