Saying hello and checking in!

Thanks for checking in!

Came to the forums to see if anything new is up, trying to decide whether to log in or not. I want to play… I just can’t decide what I want to log in for.

I know I won’t be able to get any wyrdwood or starmetal or orichalcum from the bots so I don’t want to log in for crafting. And I don’t feel like grinding out an expedition orb, so that’s out.

And I’ve been everywhere on the map and explored everything else. And I don’t want to log in just to do my 3 daily faction quests for some extra gold.

What do you do when you’re stuck and don’t know if you want to log in? But you’re bored and you want to play.

Watching bots take my resources even though I have reported them before, watching aimbots in OPR even though I have reported them before, watching people sell gold in chat even though I have reported them before.

Can you comment on the status of weapon balance patch notes? I know many of us are eagerly awaiting changes to the rapier and void gauntlet. Knowing an announcement is coming this week or next would be great!

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Since it’s only my second week I am unsure of exactly what I’m allowed to release as of yet. With that being said, I appreciate these questions!! 1. They are super great and relatable 2. I can ask my manager to better clarify my boundaries on what I learn in meetings vs. what I can say here.


A long time ago I swore off playing any game where I just end up logging in to do a daily chore, it was at the peak of “Clash of Clans”, but also included Eve Online for me to. Doing anything else with my time is better then a daily chore in a game that I don’t do anything else in anymore.

I also dislike the time gated stuff. I’m hoping they change that in the future, but it doesn’t look like it. It just increases grind and slows progression, a lazy way to extend out existing content.


Thats exactly what I wanted to hear from a CM.

Food for thought: Will we ever have a PvE mode where we invade a fort? Would be awesome to have something like that as well. An instanced invasion but reverse


Well, I mean, lets stay kind here.

I do understand what you mean but at the same time, I find so many games that aren’t SUPER structered like a linear storyline based game or some sort of open world that has been worked on for years and years has it’s share of ‘chores’.

No problem though if you’ve reached your limit with New World! It’s always great to step back from any game for a minute and dive back in when the new content is released.



New World is great fun for the company here on Pleroma.

A lot of great people vibing. Love it!

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That’s fair and understandable I also wouldn’twant you to get in trouble. They’re some really needed QOL changes that I’m sure a lot of players would greatly appreciate.

Thank you for your response though.

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Hahaha I appreciate this. I’m definitely trying to find a good balance to help you guys while still providing feedback to the team where we can all find some knowledge in the exchange.

I can add your fort idea to my list when I present it to the team, I know they are super focused though on working through the current issues.


Oh for sure! Team members too! They play through and absolutely recognize there are things they’d like to make smoother for us all. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer or becomes a bit bigger of a project then thought. And balancing always makes a small task much larger.

I appreciate not wanting to get me into trouble! Haha, I don’t want to be fired on my second week here!


I love to here this!!! Thank you for sharing!

It seems that positive sentiments are shared MUCH less than negative ones… which is understandable, but it really is helpful to also hear the good things too.


Your “PvP” video game is beginning to be just a mini side game in WoW.

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Oh I’m sure they are super busy. Its more of a wish list kinda thing that I wouldn’t expect to see for a long time even if they did want to do it. Thanks though!

Sadly I cannot as I don’t know the deep details myself yet and would hate to communicate something in an incorrect manner. BUT I believe it is something they wanted to cover in their dev video they worked on yesterday and if they don’t I can bring the topic up to the devs again when they get a chance to read over the forums later this week.


It’s actually really refreshing to see a post like this. I really hope you’re doing well working through this madness at the moment, must be tough having to deal with the massive amount of complaints on the forums at times (Yes, I’m an offender myself, Sorry!).

I hope you guys from the community and development team understand that most of the frustration you see here stems from us being extremely passionate about the game. I know that It’s definitely not always easy to make the community happy and I know we’re really demanding at times too, but If we just keep up the frequent communication and are more transparent going forward, I think we can develop a great synergy here.

Other than that, I think you’re doing a great job so far and I hope you enjoy your time on the forums. Keep the posts coming!


Our server has something known as Global Trivia where our company sponsors a New World related trivia question and pays the first three correct answers 444g ea., if you happen to think of a fun question that could be featured feel free to drop it here.
Ex., “At which level Mining are Alchemy Stones gatherable at?”


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well maybe for him , but when everything is said .
i still like this game , hell i play it every day , and i want it to get better . to climb to the top of mmo scene .
but in my logic many of the gated systems that are in place right now . should only be in mobile games .
mmo - are about freedom , about doing what you want when you want it .
if i feel like doing dungeons i just wanna jump into it .
if i feel like doing pvp …same thing .
and not doing math to se if you can afford something due to taxes , or grinding for hours and days to get into something you like . that sounds to much like problems IRL and we dont come here for that .
at least me .

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I don’t think I was being unkind or anything with my comment. I’ve just learnt over the years that it’s better to take a break if you’re only logging in to do chores and not any other content. At least then if a major amount of content comes out and a lot of improvements are made, then it’ll be fresh again for you if you return, and you can enjoy it.

I thought of logging in to do some expeditions and finally level up my character from 58 to 60. I’m all the way rested already.
But then I realized I had to spent 1 hour farming or 1k+ of gold to buy mats to craft the tuning orb, just to make one run. I gave up farming.

I also remembered that I need one item from the faction shop to craft the tuning orb. Damn, only if I had 2k more tokens. Not feeling like doing boring quests (more time spent) just to get it. Pass.

Then I offered in global chat to pay for somebody who has the key start one run with me in the group. No answer.

Then I started reading chat of people complaining about expedition bugs. Then I logged out and uninstalled the game.

After all, I tried to play to relax my mind and instead I was offered the very opposite.