Sayonara fellas ! here is my opinion about the game

I buried 204+ hours in the game, it seemed to calm the MMO hunger that I wanted for a long time, but there is no improvement with the game I played in beta 1 year ago. We got on a hype train after the game came out, but if you haven’t bought it yet, I don’t recommend you to buy it and play it for now. FROM WHERE?

  1. The economy of the game is very poorly designed, while you spend 100s of gold to repair your gear, you will spend hours and sell the things you farm and craft for 0.01 gold.
  2. Questing and cities consist of copy/paste, if you don’t have 3-5 friends playing at the same time as you, they will do the same things by chatting all the time. It’s a very boring game by itself.
  3. The game is a running simulator, run run run run run run run run after a while you get used to running but it is still very boring.
  4. Banks are kept separate in each city due to the faction structure. Whose idea was it to make a separate bank for each city in 2021, when people are used to convenience?
  5. There is no life in the cities outside the middle of the map, both the endgame cities and the starting cities are empty, everyone starts hanging out in the middle of the map after a while.
  6. Leveling up is very bad, I said questing is bad, the bad rewards are unbalanced and insufficient, you will vomit while doing everything very monotonously. If you want to level up with the dungeon, you have to return the same 25 level dungeon 6-7 times in each level for 5-6K XP. I will constantly spam, you need to craft a single use key for all dungeons, or you will get the keys to the party by agreement. What’s it like to hide dungeons behind keys? Let me farm if I’m going to farm.
  7. It may seem simple, but this is very important for me, the inventory is filling up very fast yes it is not realistic to carry 2K leather on it, but when you enter a dungeon and return 2 times, your bag is full, go to the city, put all your crafting materials in the bank, come back to the dungeon etc. It is very empty work. All crafting skills require 10 thousands of materials after level 100, even hundreds of thousands after level 150, there is no inventory where you can store them.
  8. There is a lot of money in the game, everything is taxed, but there is no proper money making method, there is none, I believe that the game economy will collapse within 1 month if this does not change. At the beginning of the game, the clans that take over the cities as if they are hungry will be unable to pay for those cities after a while. Because people do not use any place other than 2 cities.
  9. There is an Autoban system, if 3-5 people dislike you in some way or report it for fun, you are banned. This is very serious, so I do not recommend you to be in crowded farm spots or write to global chat, they will report and ban you just for fun.
    It goes like 10, 11, 12, but it’s not good, let me write them down too.

The music is good, the map is not bad that’s all. I’ve played 10s of MMORPGs, starting with Ultima Online, I’ve never played such a raw game before. If the things I wrote above don’t bother you, play the game really well :slight_smile:
i deleted the game i think i have had enough so thats all.

Here b4 the white knights tells you to off yourself from a cliff!

Thanks for sharing and may you find better games to sink your time into, this one surely doesn’t deserve anybody’s time at this point.

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the sad thing is i was really hopeful about this game and tought yea it is finally a better game better graphs compared to wow finally… but a simply stupid system like faction and different ahs and banks etc. you know money managment economy etc. i have no idea how did they fcked up that hard after so many examples in front of them but i am done … for a while i will be off the video games gonna hitting the gym again i am happy focusing myself in real life…

Which I had your motivation :rofl:

well at some point u have it… after gaining unnecessary fat and losing your abs due to gaming and eating …

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