Scammer thread deleted missed the point

On the above thread a player reported a 3 day old player for scamming people with regards to crafting because he could get the stuff and not be able to trade back due to account restrictions on new accounts.

A CM responded saying passed on to team for investigation and locked the thread. However, no-one has questioned how a 72hr old account was able to get to level 60 in three days.

If this is simply an alt account of someone in an territory owning faction who used company funds to craft there way to level 60 in 3 days then something is very very wrong with the game.

What do you all think ?

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Better question:
Who cares what they did if they did it legit? Townboards you can easily do 3-4 levels an hour with the right materials and azoth. Azoth vials on our server are as low as 10g each.

60 levels in less than three days should not be possible at all!


I leveled to 60 3.5 days after release lol. It’s not hard to do if you know what your doing

No you didn’t


Yes I did lmao. There were a lot of us who did

i can say this theory isnt it because its on my server and no town board has anything on it, unless youre referring to the 1/2 sections for “town up keep” and the town buff one for crafters which is mainly done by ww and ef

Unless if you were botting… I seriously doubt that you did.

If you’re an adult… I can’t see you achieve this while maintaining a RL job and taking care of kids…
If you’re a child… I can’t honestly see your parents allowing you to stay on the computer playing video games all day and all night long…

Doesnt take a bot or an exploit. There are very fast ways to lvl and 60 in under 3 days is easily possible. There are drawbacks to lvling so quickly of course. Such as most quests undone with and not much else to show for lvling to 60 besides just being 60.

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Umm no lmao. I’m probably the oldest man in this forums (or at the top of the age list) and I’m active duty military so I promise not a single person here works more hours then me😂 I had my weekend and I Grundes it out the fastest possible way. Faction daily quests, main story missions when I hit required levels, and spammed the town board. You know there were literally thousands of people who hit lvl 60 in the first 3 days right? Even full company’s did because of their post launch plans they carried over from beta. Just because you slacked off and didn’t know how to do it…doesn’t mean everyone else did

You are correct. To this day I still only have a lvl 2 camp and I don’t plan on grinding the quests to get it to lvl 5 so I will be rocking it till the end

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