Schedule for releasing New Worlds?

Is there any official schedule for releasing new servers?

Me and few of my friends couldn`t make it on official start and would love to start fresh (on weekend for example) especially now, when we have more knowledge about how the game works etc.

Also, I believe 2 more PL/EN oriented realms would be perfect

I am aware of List of Worlds Available for Launch but there is only info about servers already released.

Would appreciate official feedback or info about any site that keep track etc.

Thanks and have fun all!


we need it

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No reason to go to a new server. plenty of room on existing servers man. Just pick one

I’m in favor of a fresh restart too, specially to be free from all the mess caused by the abuse of bugs, exploits and bots, but that would require more time so the devs can fix most critical issues.


Many have been asking for this! It would be great to start new on servers that didn’t go through the exploits and bot farming that were rampant.

There’s a great thread on this over here →

Keep asking for it. There’s NO reason not to have new servers where we can start fresh, except for the fact that the ones who afk farmed boars, bears and macro’d fishing chests and/or bought gold might not find it as easy as it was on the old servers to dash to lvl 60 in a few days. Fine, they can stay on the old ones :+1:



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Would love to see this happen! Leave the old, toxic mess behind maybe to get cleaned up. Start over…I had fun making a character and working on her progression when all the exploits and bugs were going on. I’d have fun again!

There’s a post also on the Steam boards. At least we’re not alone wanting this. Can’t see why anyone would oppose it.

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I must say, number of people that read Your post on steam up to “wipe” and then replied “no!” is hilarious! xD

I actually got reply in one of my posts (asking about new servers in near future) from one of the Devs and he wrote, that there are no plans for new servers worldwide at the moment.

Given the fact, that the game feels more polished and rewarding ( for the time You have to invest to achieve something without exploit/broken mechanic ) with every patch, I really hope, they will acknowledge us - people, that would love to live it all from the begining one more time - and reconsider :wink:

Another thing I stated before - I believe, that there’s not enough language specific servers, thus makes existing one a bit crowded and hard to log on(PL/EN like Mayda for example) + there are still communities regulary asking for one (Russia, Turkey, Portugal for example) which (if happened) can only atract new players to the game, so there is actually more then one reason to and new servers.

World love to see more replies and posts in this topic tho - maybe it will eventually happen! :slight_smile:

The rush went like this on my server. Streamers all joined syndicate. Streamers spammed only need x amount more for town join us and help contribute your gold. Within 2 hrs the first town was bought by 100 broke covenant. Some people were then booted to make room for more contributors. Its a streamers game. Unless you are the streamer there is no need for a new fresh server. There is nothing in it for the player. Just go join a server and start chopping wood. That is the jist of the game.

I know…I saw that there and thought, Is ‘LTR’ still a thing? It’s like reading a traffic sign that says “Stop” and then never going past that to continue driving, lol! I tried to break it down again later on about what I was asking :yum:

Thanks for noticing!



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