Schematic: Carved Teak Armchair not "learned" when Salvaged/Consumed

Salvaged Schematic: Carved Teak Armchair and did not “learn” it, nor shows up in Recipes to craft.

Character name. - SKYEARRYN
Server. US West - Tuonela
Game logs. - SKYEARRYN - Log -

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This is a known issue, it has been escalated and our teams are working on it to resolve it as soon as possible.

I checked the link for the logs, it shows as" no longer available". Please provide the logs by sharing the updated link. Thank you.

check out this post:

Yes, I actually use that site and knew about it, but completely forgot when I salvaged. But I wanted to document it just in case they can somehow redeem it.

I think they might have fixed it for newly salvalged items. I just salvaged a couple of ‘teak’ schematics where before the tracker I was using came up with a warning there was no warning this time. Salvaged & watched as it popped up on my screen that I learned them and confirmed at the workshop that the recipes were in my list.

Looks like they need to figure out a way to either grant players who didn’t learn things from salvaging before the patch the recipe or just give them a replacement recipe to salvage.

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