Scorpius area is now impossible to do

I don’t know if you have try Scorpius since the last patch but we want with 4 lvl 60 with pretty good GS and we just got our ass whip.

Is it normal that a elite area 50 is more difficult then area lvl 60 ?

Let me know your experience guys !


I have helped multiple friends with 580 weapon quests in the past. Today I went with my friend to help him with his life staff quest.

The two of us arrived and I noticed a tentacle at the start. It was a change. So I was like okay, a challenge. After clearing the first platform I see there are about 12 more tentacles on the way to the temple. Also the crawlers explode and knock you into the tentacles and with the HP increase to elites, you can’t kill the tentacles before respawns happen. So you get stuck in a death loop.

I feel like somebody got yelled at in a meeting and just spammed paste over and over and nobody checked the zone for quality control.

If this is a level 50 elite area how are high 40s and low 50s supposed to beat this in rare gear? You would need a full group of 5 60s geared in 550+ to stand a chance.

The whole knee jerk reaction to gamers finding the quickest route to loot is just going to kill the game if changes like this keep happening. Soon you won’t be able to leave the starting area until you are levl 60 because the level 12 boar will be so buffed and kill you because in one shot because too many people farm rawhide.


It was my first time there today and I naturally just thought it was suppose to be this way. I only imagined that all the elites had been buffed similar as the rest of the game. I did not know, however, that the nearly two dozen tentacles on either side of the path to Scorpius was new.

Luckily I only needed to kill 8 mobs and I could do that but wow, okay.


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Same here, have ran this a few times helping people out, but with 2 lv60 and a lv55 finally made it to the hellwall after an hour, and before you get through it the tentacles respawns… and wipes us…

Went there today with a 5 man 60 team from our Company, not kitted out at all, basically 500-530 GS toons, another group of 60’s was there fighting the tentacles, so we joined in the fray.

We got our murdered a couple of times, before resorting to the good old way, if you can’t beat them, run past them… speed running through the tentacles worked for all toons.

Then we get to the blocker portals, they have so many hps that the tentacle outside almost respawns before you can get the thing down. We had 10 60s dpsing the thing at the same time.

I would love to know what level AGS thinks this zone is intended for now? How is zerges not going to be used?

On the “crumbeled rocks bridge” start area, there are some places where 4-6 tentacles can hit your group at the same time, along with the normal mobs. How on earth is 5 lvl 50’s (average - 45~55) toons supposed to get this done.

To open the doors (killing the “mob” takes 3-5 minutes, and you need a mouse replacement. and you get 0 rewards, because of course the door doesn’t hit back so…

This is not fun, AGS. Please change it back!


I went there with a friend pretty much maxxed out, becus we do that once a day aftet bashing the hellgtae like 10min to enter the boss area to than find the second gate as strong as the first… we were like well f*** that. I really wonder what you guys at the dev branche are thinking how to tweak your game but this is a joke… no pre 60 or better no pre 550 is able to do this anymore… good job amazon.


Same experience here, I have two quests for the legendary and I was able to do only one, the hatchet one requires the end boss behind the 2nd hellmouth door, and by the time we passed it, the previous boss had spawned and we died. We of course skipped run the tentacles at the start after 2-3 attempts… this is not fun. Seriously you should consider that some people due to circumstances will be playing solo, right now the end content (as a tank even) is far from able to solo, too fast respawns, too much HP, too much aggro range (corrupted musketeers!? cmon!)
Seriously please consider the solo players as well at least for the open world non-elite areas! please!


I was able to cheese my way along the side nearly missing death from the tentacles and treat the area as a puzzle. However, I will not be able to complete the mission that requires killing the boss as the membrane that covers his chamber is guarded by a tentacle. The tentacle may be the single most obnoxious npc I’ve ever encountered in over 30 years of gaming. It knocks you down repeatedly and without any reasonable way to avoid this mechanism, makes it extremely difficult to fight. This is aside from the fact that even in heavy gear, it hits for at least 2k health each time. It would require an extremely nimble healer or more than one healer in order to fight it and if your healer gets aggro you are screwed. I understand the concept behind these changes, but it’s not fun. There’s no real prize to be had in the area aside from people taking the time to enjoy a long quest line that should be challenging yet fun and require only one person. This is cheesy built in group content yet the game doesn’t have an organized approach to finding a group. Do you really think people want to spend a massive amount of Azoth to travel that far to help someone doing something only to get killed in four shots by some ridiculously obnoxious npc? I personally like to adventure alone. I don’t want to beg for help in global chat or in my company. I know people were using this area to grind weapon xp but seriously–who cares? Why not? What’s the big deal? There’s so many time sinks to be found in the game why not reward people with a fair way to get weapon xp? I feel like I’m being punished because I experimented with all the weapons, didn’t focus one to level 20 mastery and grab the quests sooner. I’ve spent so much on repairs after getting killed by tentacles I could’ve just bought myself something as good or nicer by now. I’m just determined to get it done. I have enough gear and skill to take on tanky elites and mini bosses but this mechanic is absolutely atrocious. If you’re going to do these things, please modify the quest line for those late to the game. Don’t punish us because you feel like other folks were abusing a game mechanic. I know I wasn’t. I never even knew the place was there. Why should I suffer?


I was soloting this zone before. Only the boss was a challenge.

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4 lv 60 DD. Tank, offtank 2 DD. Remove Wall in without problem.
To the people that say that this tentacle is the hardest mob ever seen in a mmorpg. I say learn to play. This game has more options to press only the left mouse button.

But yes the Walls have to much HP it a pain to kill them. I dont know why they are in the game with this pool.

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lol you go 4 people full 60 for an area that is for 50 level solo and you think everyone ELSE should learn to play?? funny…

The hellmouth has millions of hp and also tentacles are over tuned as well, their HP is way too high, it should be the same or slightly more than other mobs in the area, I can obliterate the other elites with 5-6 hits but tentacles require more than 5 minutes of hacking… clearly a bug!


Learn to Play? from an uppity wannabe most likely. Get real. Stop with the boorish put downs. Angry? go beat you head against a wall - no worries, nothing in there that can get damaged!

Scorpius for the 580 Hatchet is not possible solo. Those tentacles will stop you dead. No way to get around them either as New World has the limited the boundary - you have to run this gauntlet of certain death. Try to get a larger group? Get real part II - 75% of the players have left the game. The prize is only for those who have a hatchet build. Who is going to join? No one!!


All these people complaining about the mobs….where is the door hate? 3-4 mins of 5 60s beating on the door only to have it at 20% left…

You gathering group of 4 60th for 50 lvl area? lol and advising l2p fml xD


l2p was only for the tentacle. This tentacle do zero Damage, when the player play correct.

THis is a lv 50+ Area for group or more. And i think they can do it, it take some time.

We went there a couple days ago, 3 people (lvl60 gs ~550) and we managed to clear all our way in and kill the boss for quest. Healer, ranged dps and tanky/dps meele. We struggle, yes, but we accomplished.
The only thing ridiculous was the Hellmouth doors with its insane hp amount, but they are pinhatas.

Prior to 1.1 a 60 could solo it with a some effort, and decent play. It’s clearly in the current state over tuned for what it offers.

It’s ok to have some outliers in a game that are over tuned, like Gren. The problem is they gave a large chunk of things in the game the “gren” treatment while also nerfing the rewards into the dirt.

Is it really such a surprise that this caused so many to simply stop playing the game? I expected as much.

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We took a group of 8 level 58-60 there, and the zero-cooldown 3k damage with knockdown attacks from the tentacles wiped our group multiple times, and took out at least 2 people for each tentacle on the run when we finally got through them.

Then we reached the hellmouth, where it took probably 10 minutes of the entire group hitting it to break it open.

It’s absolutely ridiculous for a “level 50, 5 players” area. No group of actual level 50s can get through there.

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Went with a couple of friends the other day. Wasn’t pleasant getting through hell mouth but it was cleared without deaths

I beg to differ. I came in as a 550 geared MAGE… It literally took 3 hours and about 800g in repairs… But, I did solo it. Before the patch it was about 30 minutes of my time by comparison. To say it is impossible is not true, stupidly and unnecessarily difficult and tedious, yes, but possible to solo.

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