Screen locks to RPG mode

for some reason using musket it will lock my screen all the way zoomed in and idk why or how to fix it, just randomly fixes itself after a min

swapping weapon usually fix it

i did swap weps and still zoom in all the way for me atleast idk if im doing somthing that fixes it without knowing or it just fixes itself

what i usually do is
zoom in and out
swap weapon
swap to musket then zoom in & out again

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I know it’s a pita but if you can post in the Bugs forum who knows if it will help but it might.

Just swap back to the musket and zoom. It will resolve after you release for zoom. It has happened to me a few times.

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@Coolhwhip For any bugs/exploits you may be experiencing please report this on the official forums here: [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Bug Reporting Make sure to check if anyone has also experienced the same issue and may have found a possible solution!

yeah the ads fixes it most of the time

We have a fix for this incoming in a future update!

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Ill be the judge if thats the solution or not

Lol jk thanks for the update!

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