Scufffed elite zone: Beds of Ta-Bitjet

Ok so quick list of all the stuff thats wrong with the place:

  1. Sound no where to be found its suppressed at the point where u bearly can hear someone mine a ore.
  2. When people walk 6m+ away from you they become invisible (this also includes the mobs)
  3. Also for performance the fps is so bad (pretty sure this is being caused by the amount of small scorpions with the slime and the 1000 eggs that keeps respawning instantly 24/7

Pls fix this so this area actually can be played in cuz atm people just run in to get chest and get out as fast as possible because its horrible.



I thought I was the only one.

This area looks like its in pre-alpha.

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everytime i go there the sounds is so bad and somethimes i get oneshot by a invis boss that havent showed yet

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