Sea Dreams quest bug

I’m having the same issue as well. The quest does not register that I’m in the area so the chest does not supply the quest item. Very frustrating. Hoping they fix this soon…

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Same problem here, too.

Same here!

Still bugged

As of Dec 8th problem persist

Hey all, first, apologies for not replying earlier.

This is a known bug that should be resolved with an upcoming patch.


Sup tosch, when we will gain Arena pvp with rank’s, scalable dungeons for level 60+ (similar to the mythic+ wow system) and Raid?
Man, the game has no end game challenge, an MMo is supposed to reward you for playing WELL, and n GRINDAR well, got that? it should give rewards for the ranked PVP, for the high level dungeon drop completed, for the difficult Raid boss, who was killed…pow man, I don’t have the bag to grind due to the uncertainty of not having a weapon/equipment that I want from that one content…

It’s funny Tosch answers about an issue in Cutlass Keys. In this town, there’s a guy named Tosch who gives you some side quests :grin:

Is this same upcoming patch going to include bug fixes for the other quests that aren’t working? I know I have one at the very south, center of Cutlass Keys that wants me to loot a crate for an item, but it never gives the item, and then the one in Brightwood where you’re supposed to collect sugar sap from young trees, many people have cut down every tree in that area and have no received any sugar sap. Thanks, keep up the great work!

Edited cause I realized OPs post mentions one of the quests in my comment.


Is this “Upcoming Patch” happening this week or are we not getting one considering its already Wednesday??

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I abandoned and reset this quest last week in hopes that it would be fixed / patched… do we have an update? Can anyone tell me yes, no or maybe? This is still to be included in this weeks patch batch? when might that take place?

It’s not published yet. If you are able to take this quest again, wait for the next update. You will be able to complete it. I don’t know when…

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I have the same issue. Is there any update? Are devs monitoring this bug?

yea they are. they responded to my bug report today, they are planing to resolve soon

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Same issue here

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still does not work…

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Just tried to do it, broken, 2nd quest in the last few days that is broken…

still not working.

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Same same. It’s kind of sad this these has been foing on for AT LEAST 20+ DAYS.

Come on bezos, use that book money to pay your devs.

Still having problems with this 2 weeks in of daily checking. Fix your shit AGS

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