Search function can improve quality of NW by a LOT

And this is not an exaggeration! We have Search function in our inventory, storage, Trading Post (TP), it allows you to search for exact name only and that cripples the whole purpose of the search. Here’s some examples.
I put all of semi-useful gear into one storage inbetween Expedition runs, crafting and quests. Now, I come to that storage and type “sword” to find all pieces of that category. What do I get? Of course, only items that have “sword” in it, like Orichalcum Sword. It will not show “Primordial Edge” or “Curiosity, Greed” or any other differently named item, and there are a lot of them in the game.
The search function should use meta words and select all items of the similar name, category, perk, mod, etc. This is a big turn off for new players (and not only them) who don’t know all the names of orichalcum charms and steel charms and reinforced steel charms, and have to manually search their piles of stuff or browse creatively named item perks in the filter menu in Trading Post. A player should be able to find all their mining gear by typing “mining” and the search will filter all items with “Reinforced Mining” and “Adored Mining” in it.
Another argument for improving search function is crafting. I put all my crafting mods and crafting components into another stash. Now, the names of those mods have nothing to do with their functionality. You need 1000+ hours in the game to know them all and manually select from your stash. Players should be able to type “bleed” in the search line and find all the items with “Bleeding duration is increased by 3 sec” and spear “Bleeding Sweep” and rapier “Tondo Bleed” crafting mods without knowing that Bleeding Sweep perk is Steel Charm.
The same goes for the Trading Post, it’s the same functionality. You really need to get rid of the ridiculous filter where you manually scroll through perks that you should know the names of and what they do, in the first place. Let players type “luck” and it will filter all items that fall into that category or “dexterity” to search all “Rangers, Trickster, Duelist”, etc items.
The last argument for improving search function is that it takes little to no time to do that. It’s just properly made “SELECT” request from several tables, and it takes 10 minutes tops while the effect is drastically improved inventory, stash and trading post!

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