Searching for perks/attributes

I just typed all this out as a suggestion on the survey and figured i’d post it here aswell to hear some opinions

There are many things that i can think of but after 1600h+ in the game the main thing i can think of for quality of live improvements is searching for gear on the market or in my inventory.

We NEED a search bar when we are looking for mods/attributes this is a massive problem right now navigating the market or trying to find an item in storage when you have 2 town storages full of named items is to much of a pain.

So for example if i want to buy an armor piece that has strength on it right now i have to go trough a list with ALL the mods/attributes in game to find the specific name of the attribute that gives strength this is horrible. We need a search bar in this menu where i can just type in strength and it then narrows the list down to ONLY the attributes with strength.

Same problem with trying to find weapon mods if i want to search for a specific weapon mod for let’s say a spear. In the attribute/mods menu there needs to be a search bar where i can just type “spear” and then it shows me all the spear mods.

And then for searching items in your inventory. Right now i can only search for items by name this bad. for example if i want all my bows to show up in my town storage you would think i can just type “bow” in the search bar to make it easy right ? well no because if the bow doesn’t have the word bow in it’s name then it will get filtered out. So instead of only searching items by name it would be nice if we could search for what the items actually are. So instead of having to know the exact name of the spear that im looking for i can just type “spear” in the search bar and all my spears will show up same with armor “footwear” should show all footwear “chestwear” should show all chestwear etc. and if we want more specific we can search for medium/heavy/light footwear or chestwear etc.

And then the last thing let’s say im looking for all my items that have Lost ward on them. Right now the only way i can do that is go trough all my gear and read the mods on them 1 by 1. when youre at endgame and you got storages full of gear that you saved it’s almost impossible to look for something like that. How nice would it be if we could just type the perk in the search bar and then it would filter and show us only the gear pieces/weapons with that perk.

These things would probably make the biggest impact for me in terms of improving qaulity of live right now

The new TP UI is nice, if it can be implemented into the inventory/storage systems it would be arousing to say the least

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Calling new TP UI nice is a stretch but its better than nothing. Step forward but far from nice.

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