Second server transfer or paid one

Hello guys

Do u have some information about the second server transfer or when will release the paid transfer?


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Some weeks ago our team shared in the tread [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 :

“We are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes.”

After that, due to the issue experienced with the transfer token, this feature was disabled: [Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens

They said in that thread:

We know that there has been a lot of discussion about future server transfer tokens and merges. At this time, the team is still in discussion on how these will work but once we know, we will provide information in the Official News channel.

At the moment the team still working in the server merges and, as soon as I have more information about the future of the server transfer tokens I’ll make sure to let you know.

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Damn so it will be next year:(

This really needs to happen ASAP. I left a server to come play with friends. This server died, we’re all meeting up elsewhere, but many of us can’t go there due to the one transfer limit. I don’t blame them for leaving, but it sucks to be stuck here. I would gladly pay to leave here. I don’t understand. Just implement it in the cash shop. This is FREE money. You clearly have the ability to do so.

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Waiting for transfers before I come play again. I want to play with IRL friends.

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This topic is not solved for me.

Same question as OP. Estimated time previously was before year’s end. Now we are past the projected date, AND The disabled transfer tokens from the first round were re-enabled… (even though SUPPOSEDLY they could only be used between October-November of 2021). But the original question still awaits: when is round 2 coming (free or paid)? the real question is for updated projected time.

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Hello @deadmanh,

I do understand your concern about another wave of server transfer tokens and we are also aware many players are waiting eagerly for this and for a while.

Rest assure DEV team is aware of this issue and working to make sure to address this in a proper way however as of right now we have to wait for the DEV team to release an update on this I will forward your concern as a feedback to them also make them aware of your issues.

I will update this post as soon as I have any update on this.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.




Like already said a couple of times… providing ONE token having this outdated server structure brings frustration and the playerbase shrinks even faster!

I am complaining about the missing transfer tokens a couple of weeks already… nothing is happening.
Dont tell me again there is so much to consider … WTF there is nothing new to consider… nothing changed since last token wave besides we have less servers now…

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This solution is not working for us. We do not have any transfer tokens.

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specially they planning to fix stability and bugs next month just for some pve content that some players didn’t even enjoy that kind of stuff, movement bug is still there from war/opr/open world pvp that is so annoying.

To The Top.

There are several topics with the same idea. Is it possible to escalate and consolidate so that I don’t miss any updates to this?

Hello @deadmanh,

I understand your wish to be updated on any new updates about Second transfer token issuance.

Any updates or new information will always be posted on Official News - New World Forums. So I suggest you to keep an eye on that.

As for the latest update, in the recent Dev update video, it was mentioned that the team is working on fixing a bug and the token reissue will happen sometime soon. If you wish to watch the video, you can find it here: [Dev Video] Team Update Video #2

Additionally, I will keep tracking this concern and will let you know as soon as new information comes out.

I hope this helps.


Get it through your thick heads if you have watched the Dev video it plainly says AFTER the next server mergers then some time after that to let the pop level out. Then they need to fix a game breaking bug. Then another token.

Please don’t tell me that I have a thick head. But I am also not sure you are speaking about me.

In case you are speaking to me, you have resorted to name calling, which I do not appreciate or condone. Perhaps you are just as frustrated as I am, in either case, I am willing to let it pass.

Now, to address your point regarding the word “AFTER” : I would quote, "The problem is that round 2 tokens were spoken about in November to be expected before the end of the year 2021. If the housing problem took that long… there was no update on a new expected time frame. Dev talks mentioned that things could be done AFTER this or AFTER that without clearly giving an end date.

Imagine, someone owes you money, and they say that they will pay it AFTER next week or next month sometime… yet after 3 months they still have not paid it back. Because there is no end date, they just keep jerking your chain along after the next day, after the next week, after the next month."

Also, what is this reasoning you state: “AFTER the next server mergers then some time after that to let the pop level out.” Why let the pop level out? My concern is not server populations post merger, but rather current populations now which is the priority to me. I would be willing to let the populations level out and then have a 3rd round of server transfers. What do you think?


Please understand, I have watched the Dev Video, and I am awaiting news in the official forums. I feel as though those mediums mentioned have not answered the question, but rather danced around the issue and have been vague to say the least.

It should be pretty high up on their list. They waited way to long for the last merges and servers died. They are taking a long time again and expect people to be excited about it?

People don’t like low population servers in a game designed for a large population.
People want to play with friends.

Also, many of the things that they say are “posted in the forums” are posted in some other topic. They were there because someone asked and got an answer. That is the WHY and HOW things get posted on the Forums.

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