Second Wave of Server Transfers Update?

Hello there,

I would like to ask if anyone knows the recent updates regarding the second wave of server transfers and/or adding the transfer tokens in the store.

I’ve heard three different things from the support/dev team:

  1. “The first round of server transfers provided a lot of lessons for us to learn from, and we apologize that it has been at the expense of some of you joining your friends on a server of your choice. After transfers have been unblocked and our investigations into these cases are complete, we are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes”

  2. “Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free. After we are sure players have had plenty of time to find the right server for them, we will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.”

  3. At this time, we do not have plans for any paid server transfer tokens but it may be a possibility in the future. We are still addressing issues where players are unable to utilize their first server transfer token but stay tuned to the Official News section in case we have any announcements about server transfers.”

I’m currently stuck on a server while my friends are on a different server. I’ve been waiting for updates regarding server transfers but haven’t heard anything yet, as far as I’m aware. I’m sure server transfers aren’t the highest priority right now, but I’m one of those players that are stuck playing solo, which can get dry and boring real fast.

If there are other updates regarding server transfers (both second wave and purchasable tokens) please let me know. Thank you.


Thank you for posting this, I find this issue to be the single reason I’m not playing the game right now. I have a growing community on another server that I would love to join, but the only way to do so is to create a new character and go through the unbelievably grueling grind this game has to level a character up to start enjoying end game content. Otherwise, I have my lvl 60 character on a server that has had my company completely die out and a sense of “deadness” to it, at least for the faction I’m tied to.

I hope the devs will take this to heart: the key aspect of your game is a social experience. That’s what really sets it apart from many other games. But you’ve created several choke points in terms of fluidly jumping in and playing with the people you want to play with. I understand this is probably inherent to many MMOs with unique servers, but at least in my situation, it feels like it’s keeping me from playing and enjoying your game.

At minimum, please add in another round of transfer tokens. But also, please consider opening up realm transfers between US East and US West. I know several people split between the two, and then between servers, and it just seems like an easy win to open the doors and let people create real communities in your game.


Meu irmão e primo estão na mesma situação… presos em outro mundo.
Tava pesquisando mais sobre assunto também e não tem nada a respeito

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As you can imagine, right now are holidays in most of the western countries (and not just there). A lot of people take that time off and i was surprised that they pushed the patch and server merges out the door before holidays.
So nothing wrong with the developers taking the needed time off and focus on that stuff in January while providing the 2nd wave of merges/transfers somewhere in February. Of course people who sit on a dead server are unhappy, but there are not too many left of those. Most of the remaining servers show a healthy medium population. So yeah “i wanna join my friends” - use your first token. Already used it? Well, wait and see. This is why i did not touch my token and started on a server that was for sure be healthy.

Bump. Get us a real answer AGS. Give us a date.


have the same thought behind this i legit just dont wanna play the game because i cant play with my friends honestly dont care if its free or cost something just wanna play with my friends.


At least offer paid tokens so it’s a smaller number


same, I stopped playing and havent been logging in over this… listened to AGS and leveled on a small server, then transferred to a full pop server and sadly over a months time, whole guilds transferred to servers like Eden/Valhalla and ours died out without them. now im stuck on a dead server (even after merges its still 300-500 people) and its just barely anyone to do anything and OPR like once every 5 hours… love the game but just waiting i guess


Just add token to the store so we can transfer and people who want to play but their server is dead can actually transfer and play lmao


I need to change because I can longer tollerate Russian dominated servers. It makes for a very very difficult & frustrating MULTIPLAYER gaming experience.

I don’t mind doing activities with randoms but have you tried to organise a dungeon run or co-ordinate a war with people who will not speak in Chat and will only speak russian etc on voice comms ?

The only time they post english is in global chat when they want to buy or sell something for gold.

I have been stuck in this situation since the first wave of transfers and its almost unbarable for me now.


I transferred with the first round of tokens to get away from a dead server and join a company that i found on twitch. Though various reasons and situations, i’ve found myself out of 2 different companies that transferred off of my server to make their gameplay better. I’d be more than willing to pay upwards of 20 dollars for a world transfer…

I know there’s a lot of problems that come with it, not even mentioning the ability for mule accounts to xfer large sums of gold or materials.

We’re all just stuck in a tight spot that we can’t have an “easy solve all” type of answer :frowning:


Somebody just offer us a date it would be beter that we would know when we could transfer again



At this point AGS need to offer tokens whether free or purchasable (they have obviously have capabilities to put them out having done so before). This will give them the proper overview of where the servers at at currently and what further work needs to be undertaken to merge and fix any remaining servers. I just want to have the ability to play with those I enjoy playing with and having stupidly used a server token on a second character I have has only ruined my future gameplay.


I have been unable to enjoy this game with my friends since mid November due to needing to use my transfer token to join them on what was Kronomo, only for them to transfer off a few weeks after I transferred over, … Please do something about being stranded on a server I have ZERO desire to play on and ZERO desire to reroll due to the absolutely aburd grindfest this game is.




cmon AGS!

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Have you seen their most recent update? They’ve been silent for the past few weeks for the holidays and the first thing they post is " sorry but we turned off server transfers "

LuxendraCommunity Manager


Greetings Adventurers,

We have temporarily disabled world transfers while we investigate a recently discovered issue which is exacerbated by the transfer feature. This only affects players that have an existing server transfer token. We will provide an update once we have re-enabled the feature.

Thank you for your understanding!

UN REAL ive bin trying and told for weeks they were non and then thers this post about how they were still allowing transfers ARE U KIDDING ME so they could of helped people out that needed help instead they gave us all bs about how they bin disabled we were all told THAT ALL SERVER TRANSFER WERE DISABLED for months now

they were briefly re-enabled, it was told to us, forget which update.

Theres an issue when u transfer that u may lose ur house, until that is fixed they said they wont give more tokens. let me gamble my house i’ll just buy more, gives me something to spend money on