Secrets Best Left Unshared-bugged

Quest “Secrets Best Left Unshared” cant be taken.
After completed quest chain and last quest" Seek and Hide" me and my company mate cant take next quest “Secrets Best Left Unshared”. For this reason we cant do quest for Lazarus Key and quest for Void Gauntlet, becouse this is pre-quest. This bug was also reported by another players weeks ago and still not repaired.

Char: Karotka, Skrcak
Server: NAV
Local: Europe

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Hello @Karotka

Thank you a lot for the report. Im sorry for the situation encountered. As this is a possible bug, please post it under Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums

Please use this section to report any in-game bugs or exploits you encounter and use the following template. Our Dev team will be able to check it as soon as possible.

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Thank you in advance.