Seeking advice from mages

Former tank/heavy user here going to try fire staff/ice gauntlet/void gauntlet. The primary focus of the build will be for duels but also usable in opr and pve if I want. Should I get my crafter to make light medium or heavy armor? Should all stats be int or con? Any tips or advice is appreciated thanks!

Im using a IG/VG build right now that has been super successful in 1v1s

305 int
150 cons (for crit dmg mitigation)
Full Heavy voidbent

Entomb, ice shower and ice storm
Voidblade, oblivion and scream

For ranged fights I gap close and use some of my IG slows to CC then open with scream, oblivion, blade then they die.

Melee is easier and is the primary focus for this build - I will hit them with storm, then shower and hit them 2-3 times with IG to soften them up - then some rotation, scream oblivion/ blade. I have a very high success rate with this build.

I mix entomb in if its a range fight and im choking my hits or if a GA/WH user is opening with abilities, allows them to blow alot of cooldowns and also regens mana ( and HP if you have the perk)

I took it a step further and crafted myself con heavy armor with 3 of the primary VG perks focusing on nullfying oblivion/ (self healing voidblade under 50%) / and I forgot the 3rd but it increases survivability by a lot.

If you are one of those chads that can be highly mobile. You want a med chest and all light everything else.
If that’s your build I’d focus on maximizing INT and go full glass cannon.

If you want to get closer and perhaps melee with the VG. You can do a mix of heavy med and light armor which will still keep you a med weight.

IMO going full heavy really gimps mobility and I personally wouldn’t do that without a rapier for added mobility.

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