Seeking Advice, Spears

So, I have two legendary spears, and they seem sort of similar. I wanted to get some opinions/advice about the pros and cons of each.

Note that I do have the Skewer skill completely filled out, so that is a bleed. One of the questions is whether or not the bleed on the Blackguards Spear stacks or not with the Skewer skill.

The two spears are:

Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment (Keen, Vicious, Keenly Empowered) (Keen: +critical chance, Vicious: +critical damage, Keenly Empowered: +plus empowered on crit)

Blackguard’s Spear (Keen, Thwarting Counter, Keenly Jagged) (Keen: +critical chance, Thwarting Counter: +damage against opponents with Grit, Keenly Jagged: applies bleed on crit)

Do many opponents have grit? Maybe the Javelin is good for PvE, and the Blackguard’s good for PvP?

Thanks for your time!

Most people running strength weapons will have grit for every attack because of the 300 str bonus.

I cant answer your questions about javelin itself because I have only recently started using it but I do use blackguards and it is pretty good.

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blackguards. get temtuous ring of the ranger. if skewer. also run sweep

other wise run javelin

@Godwin, yep, i run Sweep with Skewer, and also use Perforate. That makes sense.

Best advice is to stop using Spears, and use a 2H Axe. I’m telling you, I made an alt and using 2H Axe has made my game so enjoyable esp. if you put in a lot in STR, you can kill multiple aggros w/o heals.

Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment without specialization is the BiS spear.

I’m 99% sure the spear bleeds stack due to being different bleeds.

Especially running perforate, a lot of your damage is not on LA or HA, it’s on skills. Thwarting counter is only on AA’s, meanwhile vicious is on every crit. The bleed does not out damage keenly empowered due to crit damage ontop of it with it as well as vicious. One crit is like a 35% damage increase. You can easily go from hitting a regular LA for 1.2k and then SMACK with Keenly empowered for almost 2k.

Unless you’re running a specialized role for the spear build and you can only 625 one of them, Javelin is best.

Anti healer build should have plagued crits, keen, vicious. So Javelin.

If you are an anti melee Frontliner, BG could be better in SOME situations, but yet again, most your damage is on abilities rather than attacks, the bleed would only be better in quick in and out skirmishes and those aren’t really a thing with mass healers healing all your bleed damage.

The best spear user I know said Javelin of Dryadic of Empowerment is the best spear you can get through PvE.

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You sure about that? Are you thinking of thwarting strikes?

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Honestly I would just have both of them around. Dryadic spear for pve and PvP, but if you’re noticing a ton of bruisers, swap it out for the blackguard spear

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Is it a damage con or a proc perk?

Oh shit. It’s a Damage Con. You’re right.


I swore it was a Proc Perk but I guess that makes complete sense now that I think about it.

Also, Thwarting Strikes is Damage Con, but the Condition to be activated is an AA, so it’s essentially a Proc Perk.

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they should really remove BiS weapons from Dungeons
Such a disadvantage for other classes…
Spear user dont even know which they should take, because the amount of BiS is to big… :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear:

I still think Keenly Empowered is better than Keenly Jagged though.

The real question is whether Vicious or Thwarting Strikes is stronger.

Does the Thwarting Counter perk damage go on before crit damage is calculated? And then does it offset enough to overcome Vicious if you keep that extra damage on non crits vs medium zerkers?

I wouldn’t call them BiS.

Farseer spear is probably the only actual BiS PvP spear, but dryadic is pretty close.

I think it’s situational. In my experience people tend to stay tf away from me so I usually get more damage out of keen jagged. I have it on my sword though.

I believe that thwarting counter doesnt actually work on hatchets in berserk because it’s not actually grit. It just has the same functionality.

Imo it depends on how you play and who you are killing. I personally think far seer spear is better than javelin. But I think best spear would be keen speed, rogue and keen or vicious or something.

If you fighting bruisers all the time then blackguard would be good otherwise it sucks.

I was saying zerkers for general mobs of angry chasers running you down like degenerates. Lol.

But yeah, correct, it’s called uninterruptible instead of grit on hatchet sadly.

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That one’s a bit difficult. Enchanted doesn’t go on sweep or perforates damage, but keenly empower does. So IMO I’d rather 625 Javelin than Farspear. But if you run vault kick skewer and javelin, then 100% Farspear. I like to run Skewer Sweep Perforate though so keenly empowered can empower those attacks.

Giving me PTSD lol

Enchanted effects coup de gras though

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