Seems to have been banned wrongly (probably perm?)

  • What is your character name in New World: Legumator
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Karpathenburg
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Banned for no reason, someone from marauder said enjoy ban randomly and then the very next morning the account is banned. Suspecting mass false reports, but there is no timers on the ban and it doesn’t say permanent either. The worst thing that was done was just memeing about hatchet and coin sellers.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: literally 500 hours down the drain if this cannot get resolved
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: no
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: NA

Please help me. Sent a ticket but there was no answers, and I am seeing people in here get their issue resolved within hours. Nobody is answering and even the live chat from Amazon say they cannot help. There was no cheat, nothing wrong said, no exploits or anything. Just memeing. If it is deemed unacceptable to meme about hatchet and coin sellers, then atleast tell so if a 24 hours ban or whatever is necessary, but permanent is very hard to take when 500 hours grind was made. Please help, there was no e-mails or anything after the ticket and there is no reason besides disruptive behavior which doesn’t feel like it should be permanent. Thank you very much.

Some greens were very toxic also and admitted reporting, could this be looked into? It was just before an important war for Everfall.

(made the post for my brother since he cannot post here)


Some friends of mine got a ban too but didn’t do anything. We did pvp quests in windsward because we want it and now 3 of them (at this moment the only three I know maybe there are more because we were a lot of people) got a ban. Only that they can’t be with the rest of us in war. I thought this was fixed and there was no autoban? This can’t be true if they are randomly banned after pushing windsward.

@Luxendra are there some news that I can message them? It’s really frustrating to have some of our players ban because some other players don’t want to lose the region (what IS the content of the pvp in New world). It’s “only” a 24h ban but today is the war so yeah. Thanks to those players who can’t play fair and maybe lose the war.

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No statement? I know you guys have a lot to do, but this behavior of other players is… :face_vomiting:

Please let us know what we can do because it’s unfair. I know those three won’t be the main cause to win the war, but to prevent players from the game because some other players can’t admit that we were better this time is so shitty.


It’s been approximately 48 hours and still can’t play. No timer, no confirmation if perm either. It’s very bad and very unfair especially if it’s coming from green. Atleast, if the staff did not like the memes, they should atleast tell so and if they feel a ban is needed for 24-48 hours so be it but permanent is very way too much but no details and nobody wants to even tell us what’s going on, ticket unanswered and just here waiting while some marauders are massively toxic and say worse things even border racism stuff and they can still enjoy the game even if they openly admit doing wrongs. It’s a game and we’re here to have fun but this is very frustrating what’s going on right now. Please review!!!

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Is it a known bug to not have any timer or any confirmation if it’s permanent? There is a lot of pictures out there that people know if they are banned 24 hours, 48, 72 or permanent…

We need more transparency from amazon on these bans!

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Very true. I think it might end up killing the player base if they don’t.

theres no ban appeal system? ha good luck

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They give a link to appeal, but they did not answer for more than 48 hours now and customer service don’t want to help, say they can’t and that they don’t want to share any details.

They say that they don’t have any phone numbers or agents to chat with or anything and that you just have to submit a ticket and wait. But they are not answering the ticket nor the forums.

No confirmation anywhere, not even by e-mail that anything was received. It’s just a severe lack of transparency and the ban really feel it is false, atleast if they feel otherwise about the memes then just tell so and eat the 24 hours or whatever ban. Permanent is way too much and people are getting fed up.


Definitely needs some attention.

Especially after the green’s on the server said they were targeting purple healers before a battle. Get someone banned is the new way to win a fight? C’mon. Amazon needs a much quicker appeals process, and a real explanation of why this man was banned.

Where’s the Support Amazon! You can’t keep your people in the dark, you’ll just lose more face! It’s been over 48 hours already!

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It’s truly sad that them not giving you a reason why you are banned says something about their moderator division along with no responses or live chat to get an explanation

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Like, you have no way to just see if your ticket exists and all. You are in the complete dark, no way to know anything and nobody talks. It’s just a mess and it needs to be fixed asap or have plans to stop this madness


Same boat. I do development work and have a ton of IDEs and plugins and tools and wonder if it tripped something on their end. Super frustrating and I highly doubt AGS will resolve wrongful bans.

They have to do something about it else they will lose a lot of players and the player base will decline. Our server is barely having one outpost rush game per day.

Had this from live chat

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I am worried that additional players on my server can get banned by spamming reports. Can someone from the dev team/customer service confirm if every ban is reviewed manually?

Where were you able to talk to Cesar Ricardo?
I want to have a chat with him.
Nobody wanted to help, they say they can’t see anything yet they can?

Absolute joke.

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I have serious doubts about this. Bans should be heavily scrutinized and obviously they are not.

My friend bought this game as a gift for me and it’s not really fair to him, nor me, to be in this position. Aren’t there checks in place to verify bans are legitimate, or is it just massive waves and then a week of awaiting a manual review?

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In game issues > something else

But in all seriousness this is beyond a joke to have no comment/annoucement on forums on this!