Seems to have been banned wrongly (probably perm?)

Probably because they, like everyone else, assume that we’re just petulant whiny children who actually cheated. Which a lot of us are not.

Saw this on another thread, seems like they confirm when you are not banned.

What kind of issue is that? They could atleast tell Legumator if he is banned or not

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The problem is “guilty until proven innocent”.

I can understand a temp ban, but when that 24 hours is up, either they should have all the evidence they need to make a decision. Perma-ban, week, whatever. If they don’t, or can’t substantiate it, then player should be automatically reinstated.

Especially since some folks are using the mass report as a tactic. How about a 72 hour ban for the people who abuse it? Karma…

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and to make matters worse theres nothing to prevent mass reports and getting people banned. if they want to make a difference these are the people that should be punished by it not legit players getting banned

I also had this, than after swapping thru few support reps, they find out im magically banned.

How many times did you need to switch reps to be able to get answers?

6 times.

Very manipulative I say.

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Incredible. Can anyone from the team answer this please and stop ignoring the player base… you will loose your players doing so… We love the game and don’t want to see that happen… act before the damage is permanent!

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Yeah this is pretty crazy that people can mass report someone and LITERALLY anyone can get banned for no reason. Not sure how a company like Amazon can’t at the very least be able to look at an appeal and reply to them as to why they get banned. Not sure if its a miscommunication between Devs and players but they should be a little more straightforward with how the bans are being sent out. Seems very automated and a huge disconnect to the player base.


@Tosch @Luxendra @Kay please say something about this!! It’s not acceptable to let us in the dark!!

It’s been 4 days, still no answers.

There is no autoban from player reports. Whether someone is reported one time or a million times, their case was reviewed by a moderator/investigator who made the call that the behavior was against the TOS/Code of a conduct.

No one in the forums can review an appeal or undo a ban or suspension. If a player believes they were wrongfully suspended or banned, they need to go through the official appeals process.


Seriously, they have done that bro. If an actual person with brains looked at this, it would be pretty obvious what to do mate.

That’s disheartening to know that moderators in this game have an issue with my name also been waiting 3 weeks since I submitted my appeal.

That’s fine but can you address the issue with people getting perma banned for making new characters? This is 100% an autoban and it is reproducible by making a few characters in a short period of time. There are several threads already on this and we are not getting any answers.

The “Just memeing” thing seems to be a pretty good indicator for why this happened. What even is “memeing” in an mmo chat? “Memes” can be funny. They can also be rude, condescending and hateful, disguised as funny. Would be really interesting to see the chat that happened prior to the report.

So every report gets checked from another human being. It’s nice to hear but there is nonetheless the issue that some players report other players because they can’t loose to them. What happens when a lot of players, like 10 or 20 or maybe 30 people, report one player and they use “cheating” as the issue but that’s a false statement? You need to do the official way, I know. But how long is the waiting time?
I read a lot that there aren’t answers in a short time or answers in general. So the question arises for me why are their no answers? Everyone know that all of you have a lot to do and all of you do a great job, but it’s annoying to know nothing about those bans.

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If there is no auto system how can no one find out how and why they were banned?

More and more people are banned and no one seems to know what standard AGS is applying.


I’m curious about why AGS decided it was best to not give a reason to users as to why they were banned. Is this to cover their own butts for any mistakes or careless/lazy ban punishments?

In most humane systems when punishments are given out, you are told exactly what you did wrong (first world justice systems). Even most online games (Rocket League for example) will give you the exact TOS policy you broke and if it is chat/harassment based, will quote the text in the ban.

Don’t you think this sort of system would clear up a huge amount of confusion and problems with bans, or do you think it is a justifiable side effect for not having to be precise and accurate with your suspensions?

If people would get a confirmation e-mail about their appeal and actually get answers within the promised 24 to 48 hours, the many forum posts wouldn’t happen. Some people are waiting weeks man, this is not normal!

These is a severe lack of transparency and everyone in this forum agree.

If we would get answers within the acceptable time frame and proofs of what was done and such, nobody would complain.

No one in the forum can review an appeal or undo a ban, I understand this part but if people come here it is because the very system of appeal is broken and people want answers.

There is a massive wave of people getting banned yet amazon people confirming they are not banned. I have never seen that.

Legumator only memed about hatchets and coin sellers. Nobody is offended by that because everyone hate both. If there was a ban warranted, it’s limit 24 hours, not perma freaking banned. Is this how Amazon treats their grinders, 500 hours plus and 50$ down the drain???

Again I am sorry if I am losing patience but we all are losing patience because this is getting ridiculous. Nothing against you but there are many things that could be improved for a company that has the means with quantity devs and money.


Your player base is declining as we speak.

Thank you.