Self Defined Filter for Gear to make Sets

The Possibility to filter the wearable equipment in the inventory will be great and helpful. F. E. to mark the “Luck-Gear” or the “Mining-Gear”. The way how you could mark it should be easy, like go to the gear, F + Left Mouse Click, then a text feld appears where you could insert the string for the filter like “Luckgear” or “Main” or something like that. In the Inventory the equipment will be automatically and equal to the other filters, be shown in one block but in small separate sections with the name of the filter above in the gear section.

A good idea. We definitely need something to differentiate the armour sets. Even if you could lock them with a designated colour would be easier.

Would be awesome, gear sets are a hugely popular and actively used function in other MMOs. Clicking one button to switch from my PVP gearset to my mining set sure would be nice.

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