Selfheal as Healer

Why nobody talk about this selfheal while using life staff? There is so much delay to use ctrl + spell (or another keybind like mouse 4 that i’m using for now). What is your thoughts about this and your keybind?

I’m not asking for buff heal, i’m just asking for more quality of life as Healer… Its so boring to die in PVP or PVE when you are trying to heal yourself and suddenly heal your party member.

PLEASE AGS improve the target heal as soon as possible its so frustrating to play as Healer in this game…

I could mention several other points to improve the quality of life as Healer but this “target system for heal and selfheal” is the worst thing I have ever seen in a mmorpg


Yeah sometimes the “self target” button doesent work and it doesent matter what input inferface your using, it just bugs out.

Any type of workaround would be nice. A good way would be to give groupmember numbers 1-5 so you could heal the by pressing their number/letter and the skill, Including yourself.


Yes THIS so much.


Yep it sucks. Trying to switch weapons also is in a bad state…

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