Sell orders gone, no gold, items gone!

My friend sold the dices last night for the major loot luck trophy (he was offline at the time), i know they sold because a member in my company bought them, but when he logged in today (after update), most of his sell orders are gone and he has not received the gold for any of the sell orders neither the 20k for the dices. this is NOT acceptable.


Also found this post on reddit, he experienced the same issue.


I have same issue, sold items - no gold. Bought items with buy orders - no items. RIP. Nice update


I am missing thousands and THOUSANDS of gold in buy and sell orders. Please, PLEASE, tell me this can be fixed


I also have a lot of gold stuck at the auction. This is a very bad and unfinished update. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same issue for me on logging back in after the update, really annoying.


i think that bug part of fx for transfer character which they could transfer with active trade order, so fix code also delete other players orders but they can really give you items in day to you they have log but fix for that takes 1 week at least.

Same issue here, missing at least 7k gold from 12 opal rings that sold during the night.

Buy orders seem to have poofed too, not gold back from them.

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Looks like I’ve faced same problem.

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I can see they really shit the bed with this one.


Yeah, thats me.

Same problem here! 10 different buy orders, all completed, no gold or items received.

Yep same here. Sold items for over 4k in total, even with the stimulus I am under 4k gold. What a mess this game is. At least I can farm it back quicker with my 5 minute bloodlust now.



Oh crap wonder if it’s better to lose the listing fee and take 100 items off the AH rather than this happens and hoping AGS restores gold.

Same problem here. Sold 442 Orichalcum ingots and received 0 gold for it.

this needs more attention guys

I have the same problem, listed a void ore for 15000 and logged off before the 1.0.4 patch today and when I logged on after the patch the ore was sold but I didn’t get the gold.

Same happened to me…

2 bags sold… 5k gold in total… No money in bags…

Apparently this is happening because AGS are removing duped gold from the game… So if someone bought your items on the trading market with duped gold… You lose the money… SUPER TILTING…