Selling a Slot at DG for in game gold cause a ban?

I’ve heard some people say that asking for gold to sell slot in the DG causes a ban.

so for me to understand. i need to get 150 level stonecutter to make the lazarus key, I need 10 quintessence of soul, life and death that on my server is costing 1619 gold, i need 10 Runestone costing 943 gold + Asmodeum Chisel that is non-negotiable costing 7k faction tokens and 500 gold and lastly I need 3 corrupted lodestone which is also non-tradable and I have to spend some time farming and I can’t charge players at least part of the costs for making the key? It is no longer enough that the DG’s items are non-negotiable, which makes no sense. If it really causes a ban, let me know, because I won’t be making a key for others to take advantage of my effort and gold.

Another flawed system, people are charging all day long 700-1000 gold per slot for Laz and Gen runs, which I don’t blame them…it is entirely too tedious, monotonous, and expensive to make keys for end game dungeons. The only thing that’s actually fun and different in this game is one of the worst social interactions/grind in the game.


Damn capitalism.

/end sarcasm

Honestly, the whole orb key to go into expeditions is game mechanic that should be done away with.


That’s your problem right there. Talk is cheap. Unless there is a dev link specifically saying so, I don’t take it as truth. If there is such a dev quote, please link it so we all know for sure.

I’ve heard people say that there’s a purple people eater floating in space between our lunar orbit. It randomly selects individuals and lowers their IQ by 5.


Exactly, should be done, give us 3 orbs a week or something, would be better than this….or like some people have said to make dungeons have a difficulty level and only drop up to a certain GS within each difficulty…something I don’t know, but this current system is just no fun and creates zero comradely…and once again it completely alienates the casual player and is a very exclusive not inclusive system.

because of that I made this post, to see if there is any dev to respond or someone with a link or print of someone who was banned for this cause.

I heard they ban people for asking this on the forums.

WTF is DG?
Cant people use expressions so everyone knows what he is talking about?
Please dont tell me he means dungeons instead of expeditions.


it was confirmed by a support dude already that this is fine as long as there is no RMT involved.

EU servers the med pop ones (the ones I have tested out) I see keys going for 2k or LF DPS last spot- we have orb 2k for spot. This will happen when the design of a game puts a coin/time value on entry. When I first heard of the key idea I immediately thought this will not end well.

This happens elsewheer but in a different contecxt. Healer for sale 2k a run/Tank for sale etc.

or make the keys a drop item that come from other expeditions. like you have to run Amrine and depths to get 2 components that make a key to Laz.
That way lower level expeditions get used and lower level players can actually get in and have them complete.

make orbs tradeable.

Make all dungeons scale to level…and I know this is a tall order but give the bosses for each level scaling different and harder mechanics, not just boost HP snd damage done by them. This would in effect keep all dungeons relevant and doable…you could increase Lott tables this way…you could keep certain areas of the game “social hubs” and you could easily expand end game content this way.

Do you have a screenshot or a link from the place he said this that you could send me please?

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