Serious discussion about the developers vision of the game

First of all I’m not interested in making a fatalistic post, just understand the thinking of the developers at this point in time.

After watching the last monthly video sent by the developers I have the feeling that they are not aware that the game is in a critical situation.
I fully understand that the “image” AGS needs to show is positivity, but is that really what the community needs?

I think there are many critical points left unaddressed, the player population has dropped drastically, the news that in June and (possibly also July) there will be no new content has demoralized the relatively active players.

I think I’m not the only one who feels that the developers are not giving concrete answers to the community’s problems and they are not “really concerned” as I think they should be with the current situation of the game.
Do they really believe that they are offering a quality product?

AGS vision = persuade players they are trying to fix the game for long term while trying to make the most money possible off of transfers and the store before game dies due to the failed War/Faction System in current form.


If developers don’t make water, sea, ships, naval action, then i am out of here. I play this booring garbage only because i hope that it will get naval action added some day.

I think NW is close to dying because of sooooooo many different issues, biggest I think is lack of attention given to real players voicing what’s wrong and taking steps to fix them. I’m sure most will agree at least at that statement and the reason I still play is mainly because I’m cheap BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I paid 50 bucks and dammit, I’ll play this mo’fo till it dies just like I played on the very last day when the sun died forever over SWG. I truly believe that if they hire more competent devs that know something about MMORPG and if they want a more social types looking to pvp/pve. I just don’t know if AGS/NW has the rep to recover such a slamming world wide about NW

I get the point and I think it’s what most of us are thinking at the moment.

Honestly, it’s a bit annoying since the base of the game has a lot of potential, but at this rate I think that, as you say, it’s very difficult to change the trend.

Perhaps the healthiest solution is a closure and subsequent relaunch within 6 months.


AGS needs to be watching Willys stream every night and taking notes.

The dude is literally trying to save the game by showing the devs that there is a very competitive core group of players that can and will drive this
game to new levels of success-

But we need AGS help, not hinderance.


What is Willy’s stream?


Crafting still a scam and after watching the video they like it just the way it is.

The developers are putting all their eggs in one basket with putting all their resources into future updates.

When there is already existing content in the game. Aspects of the game that were half baked and under delivered. Under developed.

Here’s one: weapon design and weapon skill trees.

There are countless places where players deliberately skip or disregard a choice in the weapon skill tree. Perks and skills are prime examples.

Most egregious examples are Blood rapier and Throwing hatchet. Followed by Decay tree on Void Gauntlet. There’s plenty more examples of meaningless choices that should be replaced.

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i want to see the willy too.


one day someone will talk about me the way they talk about willy and his stream.


I always ask myself the same question, I think it shows that there is a lot of disorganization.
Clearly the developers are not focusing on improving existing aspects of the game (such as abilities that need to be reworked, some with malfunctions, weapon balance, etc…)
In my opinion it is always easier to fix what is already built than to build new things, especially when each implementation comes with new bugs.

Yaboiwiilly on Twitch/Youtube.

Hes been doing an amazing job of shoutcasting wars
on different servers and a place we can all kinda hang out and discuss the current state of things.

I believe hes off tonight but hell be live tomorrow night Im sure.

Anywhere from a few hundred to I think 700 were
watching the WW war on Maramma last night.

Highly recommended.

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in terms of vision they have no vision.

Ok I will check him out.

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id disagree. at this point AGS needs to show “Honesty”

saying radio silent on many issues and sitting in there ivory tower will only continue to let the toxic miasma that is their forums fester till it rots out from under them.

it feels like they are still developing in a void

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it feels like they are developing in a time warp. everything coming out is a month too late.

The game can’t live on 300 players and their alts lmao

First thing they need to do is create a serious action plan:

1- Stop making a game that few players like. Current gameplay has failed to attract players. It’s no use saying that the current gameplay is good. She is not. Of course, it pleases a niche of players, but the numbers don’t lie and it’s a commercial failure. This game should be a hit game and not a niche game with a small playerbase of hardcore players that only cannibalizes itself.

2- Create content that stimulates through zoned Matchmaker and limited time a constant dispute (pure PVP or PVE) for resources at every time of the day. Just spawn zones with bountiful resources that force all players to compete there, as well as gathering events, world boss, treasure hunt, etc.

3- Create a gameplay with several possible moves during the fight and that turns this game into something tactical, but with enough APM so that casual players don’t fear the learning curve.
Create different moves that make the player feel like they are simulating a battle: Light and heavy attacks need to have a stamina cost, dodge needs to be just a defense equivalent to block and roll a separate move, sprint to charge/disengage, attacks combined with jumping forwards, Break Free to get rid of CCs and Regain Breath to restore stamina. That is, instead of spamming the player would have to choose each move he would make.

4- Create a betting system to make wars only affect those who participate directly in it. That is, if a company wants to play against another that bets its own resources and that receives something proportional to the risk of the bet it has made.
It makes no sense for an aspect of the game that is played by a minority to affect the game’s economy as a whole.