Serious feedback for AGS mods

Please do something about these damn rapiers w/dex giving people nearly 90% invulnerability. They can medium hop 2x, evade rapier skill, hop, riposte, hop 2x, and do this in a cycle to never take damage. If things get bad they can flenche get away no matter what because IT TELEPORTS YOU THROUGH TARGETS.

Please look into jumping in general. If you jump and I throw a gravity well at you. You won’t be stuck, if I throw a spear at you, you’ll take damage but not get knocked down, if I shield bash stun you’ll, you’ll not get stunned but take damage, if I blizzard you and heavy attack you, you’ll take damage but not get rooted. Jumping is busted!!!

Please reward points for TIME SPENT capturing a point in OPR.

Please decrease the frequency of which the brutes roll those balls at you…

Please fix the studder that happens when my Stamina reaches 100%

Please get rid of the small delay when dodging. It’s forcing players to sheathe weapons or switch them to retain momentum and this is fine for a skill cap thing but switching weapons has a glitch to it.

Please make it so you can’t destroy respawn point in OPR from a mile away with musket players sniping into the base. There’s nothing that can be done to defend this. The monument is too tall

Please fix the opr bases that allows players to climb on the outside bricks and hop into the fort bypassing the entire point in having doors.

Please fix the ability to let musket players climb 100m up on rocks in OPR and snipe people until someone inevitably wastes 10 minutes chasing them around. (Why 10 minutes? See comments about rapier) just set a height limit to be about as tall as the bases are… ffs… invisible wall it if you have too…

And lastly, please fix the ability to keybind RMB. I’ve asked for this for over 10 days now. 8 of them were in a row!!!

I hope all these things can be hotfixed no major patch needed!!


@Luxendra @Eivor @Chardis

isnt this literally the purpose of the finesse weapon?

if rapiers aren’t juking and being a massive annoyance what should dex rapier players do. how do we compete against heavy bruisers with zero grit.

id absolutly love some alternatives.

reduce the effectiveness of some of the escape/closer moves.
give us more ways to slide our blade in-between heavy armor.

if str/con users get grit, dex users should get true damage.

No, everyone says bow is soooo hard so they need some immunity after missing their shots. Maybe they can up it to 100% immunity because the other day I saw an archer get trapped in a zerg and die. Maybe you can add a perk to rapier “Immune to damage while holding a rapier” (because its a chore having to press shift shift evade riposte) that would make it easier for all bow/rapiers now when jumpexploit was “fixed” even though we all know the “fix” was not nearly enough…

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wait what?

No weapon in any game should provide an escape that goes Through opponents cornering you down AND provide you with 90% literal immunity from damage.

Skip to 5:50 and tell me this isn’t just busted.

On top of all this if you pair it with jumping you can resist all status effects such as stun or knock down… come on man… finesse is an understatement


Hahahaha… VG op. IG op now all DEX weapons op. DEVS Don’t listen to these clowns.

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