Serious Topic: Scrap the leaderboard and work on simple quality of life changes

This is a hard pill for AGS to swallow, but it has to be said:

The leaderboard will do more harm than good.

Instead, start working on quality of life changes with bigger content plans for the near future.

Some simple quality of life changes that AGS could get started on today:

-Rework buff and debuff UI so we can actually see it and understand what is going on.
-Extend the AFK timer
-Get rid of the OPR and Arena queue lockout if you are signed up for a war or invasion within the hour
-Add crate rewards to Arena
-Add an open world coliseum for people to host duels and tournaments.

  • Stop acting like one person does all the dev work on the game and posting useless posts.

I dont care if 1 dev or 50 devs is working on the leaderboard. It’s going to do more harm than good to the game in its current state. It is way too premature for the things they want to implement.

Your reply has no merit and is pretty confusing.


They already wasted hundreds of dev hours on the leaderboards.

AGS knows best. Why do you think the population is booming and they are forced to open up so many new servers for the returning population?

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This is my point exactly. They are going to feel forced to put this into the game just because of hours invested.

They have done things like this in the past.


It’s already been announced, the effort has already been expanded and so it will be added in game. Now it’s just a waiting game for the harvest bots to fill leaderboard ranks.
Please sit back and enjoy watching people abuse any and all exploits to fill the few remaining positions not filled by bots.
Might even see some cool new bots programmed just to farm rewards from the leaderboards, doesn’t that sound like a fun time?
By the way do you know how to build a door?