Seriously a solo unbeatable quest?

Defeat Well Guardian. A level 50 quest with lvl 60 elite boss that can only be beaten in group and group must have same quest to join you.:expressionless:
If this doesn’t prove that devs brain function at infant capacity then I don’t know what will😑


dev’s said frick u goodluck scrub

jokes aside tho it’s just another huge oversight and bad design choice for them to lock it to people on the quest currently.

i’ve said it before but what happens to new players who have no one on the quest as them when they get there? they are screwed big time


its been a subject people talked about alot but once again devs dont take enough feedback to actually see what is going on, most likely most of the team never even played all the way to lvl 60 doing the quests, otherwise ALOT of things would be different, the well guardian is one of those quests that anyone who did it a while back when there was a huge wave of players know that in a while once most people will be done with that quest, its gonna because almost impossible for anyone else to complete because once you did the quest you cannot go back to help someone who didnt beat the well guardian …

ONCE AGAIN that’s something that was told to them many many times but they didnt act on it …


If ppl report this and mention tons of times, why they don’t fix it?
They don’t care or just bring lazy?


They’re incompetent. Every decision they make is lazy and fast.

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This one isn’t entirely as bad; it requires you to be more involved with other players using (Recruitment) or waiting for others to show to the same Main mission. (I’ve met some funny people during these quest) If you’re main focus is solo play for an MMO this isn’t the right game chief.


I think you missed the main point being made here.

Hows it help to force people to play together and actively look for a group if they’re new and all us old foggies from day have done it already thus can’t help them?

Bit of a double edged sword no…right now okay peeps can find groups but in 5 months, guess the new scrubs will just have to solo it!

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This is fair and likely the reason for as to why this quests exists in the first place, just like the dungeons as part of the (story) quests.

Nonetheless, the problem isn’t so much the grouping per se. It’s the fact that all members of that group have to be on the quest. Resulting in a lower and lower pool of available players to do this quest with. This should change. Make it doable by all, and to additionally motivate others to do this, make it a repeatable quest with same objective, e.g. a faction quest.


I’ve found quite a few of the quests to be a bit tough to be honest, I’m only level 35 and if I go to do a couple of level 35 quests then I find I’m struggling at times.

The respawn times certainly don’t help, as soon as I get swarmed by 3 then it’s pretty much run away and try again.

I’m finding that I have to overlevel by a good 3/4 levels just to compete. My build is probably awful and my items are useless but :man_shrugging:.

It’s worse. Normally you get with your guildies to help you, but in this quest nobody can go there who already did it. It subverts the benefits of having a company.

You are a dumbass. You can’t group with someone to help them on this quest if you have already completed it. You just thought you had a prime opportunity to break out the old MMO StAnDs foR mUltiPLayEr!


There is no solo PVE content in this game. Which would be fine if they advertised it like that.

New World looks and is advertised like a theme park MMO until you hit lvl 60. After that it is a repetitive pvp arena game with 2 arenas and 2 dungeons. It simply is a scam.


Ah I see!

Quite an interesting thought about making it a repeatable quest like Barkimedes or faction quest will definitely see a larger pool of players returning (if the rewards are worth it).

Lol imagine getting so hurt over a post; when was the last time you touched grass? Thanks for the laughs

The thing is the Corrupted Jonas quest already proved quest gating was bad and people didn’t enjoy it back then even when most the server was levelling its just annoying

you are trolling or missed the entire point… :clown_face:

Wow i never seen that quest and i am 57. My main quest want me to do dynasty dungeon.

Its few quests after that dungeon.

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