Seriously, could everyone just chill the h*ll out about lack of communication!

Just because they arent replying to every single thread, giving you personal attention or dont answer your point exactly how you wanted them to doesnt mean they arent active.

USE THE DEV TRACKER for christs sake!


Right? It’s almost like people were expecting a somewhat finished quality product from a game studio run by a multi billion dollar mega corporation.


trying to get people to stop posting about lack of communication, by making a post telling people to stop complaining about lack of communication. Good stuff


I like to complain about people complaining too

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i kind of love how suddenly the forums are filled with developers who know everything about developing the game they are playing at the current time.

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There are so many brittle people these days…

Gonna go watch more Foamy the Squirrel.

At least that would mean developers are actually reading this forums

Is there intel out there that says they do not or are we just assuming?

2 hours ago

Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside

General Discussion

Chardis New World Developer

This guy is a developer and posted 2 hours ago.

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Oh thank god they cleared that up. The game is saved!


You said devs don’t read the forums. I said they do and added proof.

Maybe we can at least agree the devs are present?

Though I do wonder, if every item in the game has some internal value that we cant see?
If there is some method to the incorporation of some of the functionality?

If there is a plan? A vision? What it is? Where we are going? What it means?
Are we supposed to figure out how it works, without understanding how it is meant to work?
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I would like a sort of roadmap but seeing how people react on this forum when there isn’t a weekly patch would certainly not excite me to release one.

Can you imagine if they added something like gear sets or mounts to a roadmap and then pushed it back because the mechanic isn’t quite right? Internet riots.

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None (except for the minority of decent people here) of these Clowns are here to get some information, or provide some usefull feedback… its all REEEEEEE… bitching and moaning… smh

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make me

Even better: They put mounts in to roadmap, they keep it there for months, to build up anticipation THEN they do a complete U turn like they did with the full loot on death PvP. After that, they announce that there won’t be any mounts nor mount skins, only Azoth grinding and walking slowly while getting moled down by wildlife and finaly they blame it again on toxic PvP players like last time cause you know it worked great the first time to divide even further the communities.

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Dude, AGS doesnt have access to all of the amazon funds. They were given a budget to work with from the higher ups and had/have to stay within that budget. MMO’s easily cost 50 to 300 million to make from start to finish. With initial sales of 1 million(give or take) copies at 40 bucks a pop that doesnt even cover initial expenses to cover production.

Lets not forget steam takes a portion of the profits made from selling keys and hosting data centers of the product, i think its something like 50% or something like that.

So i can assure you AGS wants the game to succeed at least until they break even.

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When Amazon decided to make a game studio and allocate funds they had every means necessary to hire professionals, the best of the best in their field to get the job done. Instead, they hired goofballs who choked and now I’m sure the people who made those decisions are kicking themselves if Amazon isn’t doing it for them.


Do you have each individuals resume and qualifications?

This guy…having money or being rich does not translate to being successful. I mean, it isn’t like Donald Trump doesn’t have a track record of broken and bankrupt business. You expect to much from strangers and this is what you get.

As it has been globally stated by almost everyone who plays this game, the value is there for $40. They delivered their product as promised. Other than that, they have 0 contractual obligations with any us.