Seriously, could everyone just chill the h*ll out about lack of communication!

Have you ever worked in the field before? Do you know Basic, C++, Java, Flash, HTML or any other programming language? Do you know how to attenuate sound fields to travel and diminish over distance or create ambient fog in Lumberyard? Do you know how to program reactionary AI scripts?

You say im grasping but youre just guessing because youre upset the game didnt release flawlessly.

Have you even bothered to look at the credits and the amount of QA teams and people they had? Probably not but in any case even if they had a thousand QA testers it doesnt hold a candle light to a released client to a million people, some of them being less than honorable and purposely trying to find every exploit and glitch to cheat and win.

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Ouch. @TeRyn is tearing you apart, friend. :popcorn:

Crazy that hundreds of other developers get their games out just fine. It’s almost as if the only difference between those games is the quality of the people working on them. But yeah, the programming experience of the people buying the game to play it seems super important lmao

I’m not even sure that point you’re trying to make here lol. We shouldn’t expect quality from businesses because they’re strangers? Orange man bad, I got that part, but what else?

Did you hit your head recently?

Everquest, Asherons Call, Ultima Online, GTA Online, Sims Online, Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR, WoW, Lineage 1 & 2, Warhammer Online, AN-FUCKING-THEM, Ark:Survival Evolved, Fallout 76, ESO, GW 1 & 2, EVE Online blah blah blah.

Shall i go on? Please give me 5 examples of online games and MMO’s that have launched perfectly with no problems at all?

This guy…

That’s not really the argument, Mr. Straw

Im not arguing quality should not be the focus of every production, game or shoes or cars.

This game definitely has its critical issues and problems.

A little patiance though? That too much to ask?

Its been 1 month and so far we have had a patch every week(this week isnt over yet). They already delayed the game release twice because it wasnt ready. You want to play the game or wait another 6 months? At least this way the devs get the feedback of a few hundred thousand people instead of only QA testers and a select few hundred alpha and beta testers, who if im being fair arent all playing for the impactful feedback and bug reports.

I for one am taking a casual approach and enjoying my time played so far even if there are a few QoL and combat changes id like to see and thats with over 115hours in this game so far.

Then why did you bring it up?

This is the key problem with the White Knighters of this game… ridiculous Straw Man arguments!

Nobody, NOBODY, is saying or even implying that any game ever has been “perfect with no problems at all”. Please read that a few times until it sinks in. To even make such an argument is disingenuous and made because you know your position is weak.

What is being said, that is 100% true regardless of how many Straw Men you want to throw at it, is that New World is broken unlike any other MMO release in memory. Just about every system and mechanic in New World is broken in some way. This not “a few bugs” or “just some issue”, this is an entire game that is broken!

However, we really know what this thread is all about…

  • Virtue Signaling… Check
  • Self-righteous Satisfaction… Check
  • Ingratiate yourself with any AGS Staff that reads post… Check

Your desire for special “VIP” status (aka Teacher’s Pet) has been noted! :sunglasses::+1:


your supervillain that still lives rent free in your head has filed 6 bankruptcies… out of 500~ businesses…

sounds pretty successful to me. turned a 100M estate he inherited into a 3.1B empire (it has fallen to 2.5B as of present day). thats a 3100% increase. that enough success for you?

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I’ve already stated this game has critical issues and problems.

But hey if the new definition of whiteknighting is that you aren’t spewing out hate and verbal vitriol out of every post made then I guess that’s me right now.

My apologies for having rational thinking.

Maybe you’d care to read my post history to see this whiteknight in action and how I’m trying to sleep with the devs.

Friggin christ.

That is not His name, and blasphemy is not necessary.

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I can say with certainty you people have 0 reading comprehension skills. The part where he is a bad person or a villain was put there by your twisted imagination. I never said that, nor meant that.

Minimizing a few bankruptcies is downright cynical at the best. The main point here is that hey have happened, in the hands of an extremely successful person. Meanwhile, you all come to this game with, simply put, unrealistic expectations and then back them up “they have all the money in the world”. The problem with this game is none other than most of its players.

They need to start outsourcing to India or Russia and hopes they can fix these issues here. At this point maybe it’s time to ask Lisa Simpson for help.

worst take I’ve read all week, there are huge issues that are frankly embarrassing and school-project tier. For example the fact that heals are not 20% more effective in light armor, how many lines of code is that to fix really?

they do have a large budget. they have industry veterans. this isnt their first game. the level of broken this game is, is unacceptable. bar none.

I am seeing the exact same thing I have been seeing in MMO’s for the last 15 years. People keep acting like this is new in this genre; it isn’t.

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