[Seriously NW?] Forum

So, I’ve been waiting all day for the EU-servers to be up and running. (in case you missed it, they accidentally gave out huge amounts of money to some players which killed the economy on some servers)

Seeing how AGS not the best communicators, at all, there has been no official word in about 6h. No estimate. Nothing. So I took to surfing the forum for the day instead.
First of, sweet lord how it lags sometimes. But I’ve found some interesting posts about and by furnishers among other, who’s trying to get some kind of eta as to when they can start trading their wares again. It’s been shut down for over a week without a piiip about it.

Liked alot of constructive comments, engaged with some by also commenting (all the while having an eye at the “dev tracker” hoping for news), when suddenly while trying to hit “like” at a comment I got an “error message” telling me I was “spreading love” but that I cannot keep doing that.

Evidently we have some kind of limit on how “engaged” in the forum we can be, without “leveling” that “skill”. I’m now on a 9h cooldown before I get to enjoy the very exciting forum-content-superskill “to like”.

If I weren’t already really tired of this bs, I probably would have laughed it off and went on with my day, but seriously. Seriously? Jeeezuz.


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