Seriously walking bug even in OPR now?

how the fuck did this come…

i won 50 opr so far, means i played 100 maybe…

and i never had this bs here. and now???


This has been in OPR for a long time, surprised you haven’t encountered it until now.

ye weird … still fk this bs

Agree it’s one of my all time least favourite bugs that does make me close the game down and not turn it back on for a day or two. You have to relog to desktop to fix it anyway so why bother switching it back on.

i mean it is there for 3 months ?

Yes it’s been doing this for months, you can’t move unless you jump same bug.
Also besides this bug sometimes it makes you run very fast all the time.

Only way to fix it so far

Hey Vesstan, I completely understand the frustation, the developers are aware of this problem and are currently investigating it.

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