Server Bifrost!

Why is my server keep getting maintaince, every server is online expect bifrost! This is happening 3 times now, i literally sick of bugs, dupes-exploits, got 24h auto ban cuz i wrote down “can u guys please talk english in global chat”, some times my messeages not delivering, and now this! my server keep crashing.

It’s been down 20 minutes now. Complete joke.

i played about 6 hour i made so many quest and up to lvl 25 and now broke the server and my lvl go down 23 this is really bad joke

They gotta be kiding at this point, it’s amazon i mean the company literally bigger then countries! Look their server’s and game! We can’t play without lagging, server keep getting down and im not even mentioning bugs and exploits! I do understand that it takes times i really do, world wasn’t created in one day but what is this atleast get your servers better i mean u are amazon! for god sake.

On the Bouneima server it’s been exactly 1h40 since it is supposedly in maintenance

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