Server community concerns

Dear AGS,
I want to share my concerns about my server situation. I dont wanna give my server name but this is what happened in last 2-3 weeks to server.

My server was strong as pvp and pve and community was decent. Global chat was healty. I was having fun in M10’s and OPR’s finding teams easily. Pvp was non toxic and competetive.
In these last 2-3 weeks things begin to change.
I first begin to experience so much low mutation advertisements which was so rare before. Global chat begin to be toxic. Yesterday it was so bad I am really annoyed and muted the global.
The profie changed. The community losing quality. I begin to check my friends list noone begin to log or they rarely log.

I can see the server is dying as quality.

As conclusion imo more you go casual more the quality is dropping and vets are leaving. I am sure you are watching the situations in servers and thinking to take steps towards keeping a healty and quality game envoirement.
Kind regards

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