Server Crash - Eridu

Server has been suffering with high frequency latency spikes and has suddenly crashed. What is happening?


Yes, now when trying to log in, it says: Login Unavailable: World is under maintenance.

No announcement for this at all anywhere.

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Crashes don’t get maintenance announcements other than the generic in-game main menu message. Hopefully, it’s a quick restart for you guys :crossed_fingers:


didnt even see any in game message i was in the middle on talking with people then bam, offline

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The lag spikes and rubber-banding on this server are pretty bad. I transferred off Delos and never really experienced the problems I am now regularly experiencing on this server (combat lag-spikes, sliding super far, abilities not triggering cooldowns etc.) . The server has one-tenth the population of Delos and seems to have a lot more performance issues for some reason

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Yes. I just transferred here from Delos within the last hour, and the rubber banding, teleporting etc is off the charts compared to Delos.

MS spiking from 500-1000 every few minutes when not a single other person is around. Hopefully this crash/maintenance fixes it.

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Also on Eridu! Terrible Rubber Banding issues and ping spikes! Can happily play in Delos with no issues so it appears to be specifically related to Eridu and has been ongoing since the server launched! Created some difficulty in this evenings invasions!

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Unfortunately, this is the 2nd crash i have experienced on this server since its launch. The first one was only a couple hours after launch. It would be nice to have some sort of communication about the server, saying that AGS is aware of the issues etc.

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Crash mid M10 … I stayed up late for this?


Im also on Eridu - Was in the middle of a M10 and it crashed. Would we get compensated for it?

I was in charge of 4 invasions tonight and the whole time we were rubber banding and lag throughout the whole time we have been on this server.

Please help <3

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you are the hottest bestest invasion leaderer in the world


Inb4 they just merge back to Delos overnight… lol

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ooooof we were in an M10 on crash lol

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we back it seems

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the New World forum for the new ones and thanks for the report to all of you, indeed there was an unexpected maintenance placed however this has been solved several hours ago.

For future references you can check the News section of the forum where everything is updated in real time whenever this things happen, you can see it here: Official News - New World Forums

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!



It was unannounced, unreported.

The latest post in the Forum you reference is for an update later today and Server Interruptions in an EU region.

Neither concern Eridu which is in APAC.

The server seriously is suffering from issues and needs to be looked at.
It’s the only server in the region where character creation is allowed.
So any new/returning players, their first User Experience since returning may be this.

if this was occurring on one of my own application servers, I’d be slightly embarrassed.
no communication, no explanation, no real resolution…

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I absolutely agree. We were all suddenly kicked off, and unable to re-join for some time. The problem comes from a lack of communication as there is none in relation to the Asia-Pacific Region at all, and still no communication after 16 hours of the problem (As an Official update in the Official News section as you referenced @Wyvernn).

As I stated earlier in the forum post:

There was no reference by anything in the forums by an Official source about the crashes, and still remains that way today.

Also, another issue remains unaddressed, the large amount of server based Latency spikes that dramatically affects the playing experience of everyone on the server. The lag is commonly reported in global chat as a major problem.

I think the biggest problems with everything is ultimately a lack of communication, in particular about a brand new server expansion that has been barely released for a week and has experienced numerous problems (2 hard crashes of the server, that I’m aware of, and extreme lag that everyone on the server has been experiencing), and because of that, our reigon (Asia-Pacific) feels like it is treated as a second class citizen.

and ours?..

How do we move forward? How can we improve the relationship between Developer and Consumer to ensure a smooth and peaceful experience for all?

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