Server Down for Maintenance?

First was kicked for AFK and wasn’t even close to being AFK. Then kicked again for AFK then kicked for server maintenance. NA West (Phlegathon)

I’ve scoured the notes and their twitter and no mention about any new issues.


Liusha server is down to maintence… but no one maintence are announced.

You entitled child, how could you expect them to communicate or allow you access to the item you purchased.

Entitled children.

Next thing you’ll tell me is when you go to a restaurant you should be able to order what you want and not just sit and wait for them bring you out whatever they fell like serving you… /s

But for real, I am almost as frustrated with AGS as I am with all the Devs coming on the forums and pretending to be players while shilling for the game.
I feel your frustration Quiggley

Bump, still looking for clarification.

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here in SA, only Liusha are off to ‘‘maintance.’’

Need to flag for PVP before you can log in. PVP only. Sorry.

We are fixing a bug (we initially claimed was balancing we hadn’t mentioned in the patch notes) by shutting down servers during prime time with out any notice. And your problem is?

Ummmmm, all of it.

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There was a time warp on the server (Phlegethon) earlier. A bunch of stuff downgraded all over the world. That was probably when you got kicked for being AFK. I’m assuming the downtime is to research/remedy that.

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