Server Error: Failed to persist character after Realm Transfer

So i was able to play for more than 100 hours after release with absolutely no problem and now i am getting this error constantly after moving to another realm which kicks me out of the game.

I mean, i was expecting that something was bound to go wrong since this game is so heavily bugged but it did not expect to not even be able to play anymore.

This is not a connection error because i am able to play another character in another world just fine.


I am having this issue as well and submitted a report. What makes this issue worse is that all your progress made on the new server will be rolled back to your first point since you transferred. That includes Housing, items, xp, quest progress etc


bump to this, this exact thing just happened to me, now I’m short 25k gold with no hope of getting it restored so far.


Same issue. Now I can’t trade or post on the Trading Post and it kicks me out after a few minutes with the same error. I played for 200 hours before transferring with zero connectivity problems.


Same I just got this as well played for like 3-4 hours before this happened


I expected this tbh, came home from work just to not be able to play. I hope someone gets a write-up for this. A lot of Primes being paused today.


I got the same error as well.


Same issue! No progress saved. Reverting to transfer location after logging. Friends list deleted. Cannot direct trade or use trading post.


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Having the same issue but also this now New world stuck falling after server migration - YouTube


same issue for now

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Same issue here sigh hope they find a solution ASAP

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I think by next week we will log into the game. Gonna play WoW til next patch

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Same issue is happening to me after transfer.

Character Name: The Flaming Fist
World transferred to: Hippocrene

Same issue

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Hello All! I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue after server transfer! In case the devs aren’t already aware/working on this, I’ll bring this tread to their knowledge! Can you guys also post your character name and the world you transferred to?


Character Name: Ryukein
Transferred Server: Amenti

Name - ELuu
Server - Olympus

Hopefully they figure something out soon

Name - Cayzi
Server - Bouneima
Same issue

Name - Mindrainer
Server - Metsola => Malva

Same issue

My friend was on support call and they told him the HOPE to have something next week…