Server Error: Failed to persist character after Realm Transfer

Character Name: Eirianan
Original Server: Ogygia
Transferred to Tumtum

Character name: Mys0
Transfered Server: Xibalba

Name: Maclags
Original Server: Barataria
Transferred Server: Orun

Doctor Zohwu

I tried to sell the fishing pole you get at the end of the fishing lore series and it got deleted. 560gs fishing pole vanished into the ether. Ill be logged out until there is an update to avoid any more damage.

Char Name : Esqueletto
OCE Servers : From: Fusang To Acherusia
I get this error every 15 min or so. and cant trade with any one, cant buy from the trader and after each DC i am back to the point I was when I transferred.

  • Cant add friends
    -Azoth travel cost is almost 400 just to travel within a zone… other zones are like 500 azoth.

very disappointing

Character: ensip
Transferred from: Orun
Transferred to: Olympus

same issue. all my progress gets deleted when i log out

Character: Everland
Transferred too: Dis

Same issue. Rollback to Pre-transfer.

Character : Ivlino
Transferred From Chicomoztok
Transferred To Morrow

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server transferred to Dindymon

Character Name: Imprison
From: Valhalla
To: Calnogor

Character: Ichigo
Transferred from: Ptolemais
Transferred to: El Dorado

Character: Juulius
Transferred to: (US East) Yaxche

Character: SenorCapitan
Transferred From: Brobdingnag
Transferred To: Frislandia

Characte Name : KingSaucey
World Transferred to : Themiscyra
Transfered from : Maldonada

ATTENTION: There is currently a gold duping bug related to these errors. I’m not going to post details but please contact me if you need to know more. I only duped a few gold, but this is a game breaking problem and should be addressed ASAP.

Character name : TigOlBitty
Original Server : Lemosyne
New Server : Neritum

Trading post doesn’t work, friends list isn’t working, and any progress I make is rolled back after logging.

Same here.

username: cokeman5
Transferred from Ryollo to Alfeim

Character: Roeas
Transferred from: Olympus
Transferred to: Lukomorye

Characture persist failure after 2m, resetting to original login position/inventory.

Can’t do anything.

Character Name: MrBlazin
Transferred Server: Valgrind

Character name : SugeMight
Original Server : Irminsul
New Server : Orofena

Same issues stated above. Can’t post in Trade Post, Items get taken from inventory and gold for fees, but they’re not posted.

I’ve already submitted a ticket as well via the site.