Server Error: Failed to persist character after Realm Transfer

Character Name: Ambient
Transferred to Server: Taenarum

(From Theleme)

From Traplanda to Orofena

I am also suffering this bug sadly.

Character Name: NataSSeviL
Transferred to Server: From Zara to Lagado
I Removed all trading post items and left my company prior to transferring. Transfer seemed to go smoothly except i cannot stay logged in and it does not retain anything I do in game and keeps reverting to the moment I transferred in.

As requested here is the log File.
@ Bridge4 Cannot post the log of the error due to Character Limits!

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Character Name: Bash Be
Transferred to Server: Calnogor on NA East

In game name : Tiggysan

Came from Tritonis to Calnogor

so until next week we cant transfer while we have the token :smiley: niiiiiiiiiice

what was the result?

i guess he is still waiting xD

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Hello Adventurers, I wanted to update you all, the dev team is indeed engaged looking at this issue. They are asking if you can also provide logs as well.

You can find the logs by:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Open the most recent file from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.
  3. Paste the contents of the file into your message.

You want us to paste all that information in our message?

I would assume this wouldn’t be suggestible in a forum environment, it will really really flood it. Tons of information in there.

This is probably the relevant part for Maclaggs:
<2021-10-21 01:31:55.249>: [Info]: [ERROR] ClientSDK: Failed to unmarshal message: num_bytes=37, type=B17946984E434968A9EAC5E0A83E12A7
<2021-10-21 01:31:55.647>: [Info]: [Vivox] VoiceChatSystemComponent: connected to server
<2021-10-21 01:31:55.781>: [Info]: [Vivox] VoiceChatClientState: Attempting login as ‘.amazon9050-ne78.f8016bfa-39ce-4fb4-877e-7c3df3283ff2.’…
<2021-10-21 01:31:56.318>: [Info]: [Vivox] VoiceChatSystemComponent: logged in to server
<2021-10-21 01:32:00.470>: [Info]: [ERROR] ClientSDK: Failed to unmarshal message: num_bytes=37, type=B17946984E434968A9EAC5E0A83E12A7
<2021-10-21 01:33:23.335>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::ActorContainerDisconnect
<2021-10-21 01:33:23.335>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] GameConnectionWrapper::Disconnect
<2021-10-21 01:33:23.335>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnDisconnection: Disconnected from REP
<2021-10-21 01:33:23.339>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] GameConnectionWrapper: disconnected from REP
<2021-10-21 01:33:23.343>: [Info]: [ERROR] ClientSDK: @mm_csdkerr_disconnect

As i see is quite long for the sake to keep the tread more clear you can PM

Character Name: Chocola
Original server: Morrow
Transferred Server: TumTum

Can you accept messages so we can just send it to you? Posting in the forum seems inappropriate.

Can’t paste the entire log, need a location to upload them.

character name: heissenberg
transferred server: Themiscyra

Cannot post the logs due to Character limits

In deed Im gonna hide the messages and I just enable PM from all spam my inbox at your heart content

Content is too long for a PM message :frowning:

Same issue

Name : Ylewen
Server : Ife → Malva