Server Error: Failed to persist character after Realm Transfer

says my log has too many characters. Any way I can send a compressed file of some sort?

if it is too long you can send me multiple messages

AGS New World Log - I put the log data here

You can send me google doc link, just make sure I can access it

TY - sent as two messages

Name: Hinata Nakamura
Initial Server: Balnibarbi
Transferred Server: Orun

heres google link of the full -

Character Name: LAWINGSS
Original Server: Carabas
Destination Server: Pleroma

Can’t buy or sell on trading post.
Roll backs after 5m or so with the error Character Persist Failure.

Character Name: DreadPirate
Transferred to Server: Olympus
Lost 580 Greataxe and had quest progress reset. Also missing tons of looted items.
Failed to persist Character error

I sent it via PM. Could you please check it?

Similar issue.

Server boots me out about 2 minutes after I enter the server.

Name: Aram Solari
Initial Server: Nepenthe
Transferred Server: Valhalla.

Character name: xLEGI0Nx
Server: Amsvartnir

Name: DilStill
Transferred Server: Asmaida
also i cant use the trade post or trade with any players

Use to paste your file log, simply open the file with notepad and copy it all, then paste into and hit submit, then select the URL at the top. It’ll save the forum getting cluttered and it’s easier for the devs to read.

I would like to provide logs by using the steps you gave, but nothing comes up with this /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.

Same here i just had this issue i relogged cause the compass wasnt showing my markers and then i come back in and it rolled me back to where i first was when i transfered and i lost a level plus 1-2k gold and some items i got from killing mobs/looting chests. and i cant trade or use trading post either, i have 230 hours played and never had an issue like this until i transfered tonight. hopefully it gets fixed cause i dont want to play just to lose my progress.

AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups


AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

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Name: partatoN
Server: Valhalla
From: Pahruli

Failed to persist character.

AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups is where the files are.

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