Server Expansions

I’m going to be brutally honest here…

You guys are absolutely failing at the whole queue process and server space. In the bright logic of Amazon, you open new servers. That’s not an entirely bad idea, but it’s putting a band-aid over a stab wound. It’s basically worthless.

The best way to deal with these server queues, especially for being apart of the same fricken company that OWNS Amazon Web Services, is to increase your server capacity. Literally, AWS has an entire premise that you pay for what you use. So make the god damn server capacity use an elastic server. If the population dies off, you use fewer resources per server.

I honestly have no idea how the upper management hasn’t implemented this fix yet. There are very few MMORPG’s that limit the maximum number of players per server to 2000. That’s like shooting yourself in the foot, and then crying about people with guns. You did this to yourself.

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