Server is dying

I’m almost lvl 60. So far I am having a blast playing New World. I really enjoy almost every aspect of the game (travelling and market are hard).

But my last levels have been really hard. Why? Because I can’t keep doing main quest. It requires me to go to a lvl 55 dungeon, and I can spend hs screaming for a group, but there is no one around.

My friends left, even after making me change to their server they left Because we were going to move all to the same server. But some where able to do it, while others where too late because of the problems with server transfer. That was their last drop, and within 2 days they all rage quitted.

I need to have more chances to move to other server. I know I had my chance, but what are my options? To just quit like the others? I tried convincing them to come back, but they won’t.

Please let me change server again.

You’re friends have the right idea and quit while they were ahead. There are better games you can play, take a break and come back to New World in a year to see if it’s worth it.

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