Server is up ttt

server is officially up

Maybe on your server, Aztlan is still down.

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same on silha

Says all US servers are down. There are some EU central and AP Southeast that are live.

HERACLEION tjrs offline aussi

All US East is still down. 7 #$%#!%$!! hours!!

Eu Server Brittia
I went in for a few minutes and I crashed. now it is not possible to enter. No queue but the game crashes.

From dump files:

[2021-09-30T13:17:25] [7092:21044:20210930,131725.188:ERROR main_win.inl:27] Initializing windows game crash uploader logging
[2021-09-30T13:17:25] [7092:21044:20210930,131725.214:ERROR GameCrashUploader.cpp:47] GetUserStreamSources

is now online , try it

Takamagahara is still down. What is the new estimated time for the end of maintenance?

EDIT: nvm I just got the PLAY option. lol

demain si tous va bien… lol

Kvenland is the only ES server down yet…

My server is up but I can’t click “PLAY” in game. It still says “World under maint”. I restarted and checked files in steam…

US East is up. image

İf u are playing low pop. server u can’t play.

EU servers seem to have the biggest difficulties to come back online. /SadResidentofEurytheia

7.5 hours for some bugfixes… quite disappointing

Eurytheia (EU Central) is still down at 19:25

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