Server list not showing names

The server list is only showing live-number-number-number
For example live-1-11-6
This makes it almost impossible to see what Servername you join to communicate with friends.
Is there a list to find out wich number belongs to wich servername ?

I have same problem.Did you solve it?

Same problem.

i have the same problem too! Tried to use server transfer but i have no ideia where im trasnfering to.!

same for me, please tell us if there is a fix

I have the same a problem.

I was trying to switch character to another server.

When I selected the target server I got an error. When I selected my target server it told me that I cannot transfer with active auctions in trade market. I deleted my active autions and exited the game.

When entered the character selection screen this iss what I see:

I tried to create another character to show the problem. Here is the server list:

I tried to redo the same thing with another computer I have. The same thing.

Any Idea would be appreciated.

Also is there a list shows normal server names and the this odd ones named “live-1-10” so I can figure out the server I am going to go.

Howdy guys,

it’s the same for me.
Also this list is currently also showing the technical names of the servers and not their alias.
Serverstatus | New World

Yesterday I had the same problem and it was solved after restarting the game. Unfortunately I had this issue You cannot have active trading post Buy/sell order before transferring and tried to transfer my character today.
Now also restarting the game doesn’t help.


how the hell does amazon make it possible to mess things up at so many things when they should be fixing something differnet

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this shows you both :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated mate.

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