Server lock need to removed temporarily

Why didn’t you announce that you were gonna lock servers and not unlock them for the foreseeable future? You know how many people aren’t on the same servers with their friends? It’s also ridiculous that you’re telling us we have to transfer to an open world instead. You should’ve kept servers unlocked and let people know that way everyone could have made preparations for what world they wanted to stay on.


I do wish they’d have announced it. I did an instant switch to a new world. I might have thought about it a day or two if I’d known it was a 1 way door. happy there atm… but wish id’ known

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fr had to make a new character to play with the homies

Keep them locked.

You can transfer together to one of the new servers.


gonna bump this cuz clearly all my friends should drop what they are doing and play with me. WRONG open servers let us get to our friends.

I wish they had too, my boyfriend changed first coming from NA (we used to play with friends on NA East) and before I could changed to Fae to follow him it was locked.

They cant announce it since its a automated system.

Are you insane?

No, i am not. I realize that the server can only hold so many people. We all have friends but if all our friends transfered to our servers we would have 5000 players on the server. Thats 2.5 times what the servers support before server lag affects game play and 2x the players that can play. How many forum posts do you think that will create. So you playing with your friend is more important that the friends playing together already?

You can correct your situation yourself.

The rest of us cant fix the resulting impact you create. Your going to counter with we can transfer. Your right we could but we were here first and so could you to be with your friend.

Ideally server stability is fixed and they doable capacity and figure out sharding so resources arent scarce but till they do with xpac looming.

Yes keep them locked.

Unlock european servers asap please.

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Let me tell you about “server que”…

what server queue on fae? server had a queue for one day and got hit with a lock been at 2200/2300 ever since

My main is on Eden, I cant even create a second character because both new US east servers are in cluster Zeta. They need to at least add another server that is not group Zeta or unlock some additional servers.

Yep please unlock Maramma US East. There hasn’t been a queue since before it was even locked. No queue, never full, yet my server locked.

If people knew how to regulate, they could unlock more of them.

But every time they do, the que’s go crazy and everyone tries to jump all at once. It’s madness.

I don’t know what they can do to stop it, but they’ll have to figure it out eventually.

4 US East servers are locked, and none are hitting their cap for more than an hour or two each day, including our beloved Orofena.

In fact, Eden and Olympus are both unlocked even though they have nearly identical populations and density trends.

I don’t mind locks when appropriate, but AGS is wildly inconsistent and slow to respond to the server states.

If they’re concerned about returning players, they could migrate all characters that haven’t been played in the last 6 months to a new server.

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  • delete characters with 90 days or more inactivity ( bad idea )
  • force players into a free transfer if they return from 90 days or more inactivity to a locked server.

Of they do this they could be more forgiving on locks. Trigger locks when servers have a que for 72 hours.

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I dont think its all que history. Some of it is current character count and potential return. Merges werent done based on potential but active.

If you project 5% return thats different for identically active servers with no que if one has 20k inactive characters and one has 35k. It would be nice to know the stats ags sees.

With burningbsands daye announced i think well see more folks the next two weeks.

They do need to unlock servers temporarily to let friends get together, and actually announce it so people know how long they have to transfer. This is reminiscent of launch fiasco when my guild got split onto 4 different servers for a month. It nearly broke our guild to be honest, several stopped playing the game because they wanted to play with their friends. The ability to play with friends and guildies is why a lot of people play MMO’s.

I get the rationale for locking the servers in prep for the brimstone release coming on Oct 18th. But they didn’t say anything about locking all the servers until after they’ve done so. Please just unlock them for a short period of time and actually announce it so friends can finally move to the same servers together. Playing with friends is why many are coming back to the game.

This is why I quit playing 7 months ago. Our guild got split, locked during mid guild transfer. We all split our separate ways after waiting a month with no word from ags.

Recently a handful of us came back, and more are wanting to, but again for the second time are locked out of the server